With a Grain of Salt

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It’s all about salt! Take a look at your average surfer. They are almost always healthy looking with clear skin and shining eyes. Why? It is because they spend so much time in salt water. Salt is a great healer. But while we associate the sea and sea breezes charged with negative ions, the salt caves of Eastern Europe have long been considered therapeutic. Some time ago researchers noted that the men who worked in the salt mines for long hours each day, and who smoked and drank excessively were almost always healthy, never suffering from the usual illnesses we suffer from.

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The salt mines created microclimates with a strong saline content that helps to cure numerous ailments. Old salt mines were converted into therapeutic salt caves where people would go for cures. Later, Russian researchers, aware of salt’s beneficial attributes created the Halomed Machine, that could duplicate the atmosphere of the mines in a more user friendly manner. Instead of sitting in a salt cave for sixteen hours, users could enjoy the same benefits in forty-five minutes.

Now, modern salt caves are popping up all over. Bali’s salt cave has just opened in Ubud, or in Pengosekan, to be more precise. Ubud’s salt room is very affordable. While Dubai charges 180$ per hour, and Singapore, around $60.00, and the USA around 50$, Bali’s salt room service costs around $20.00.  It is a bargain indeed.

The microclimate  of a salt cave is replicated in a salt room. With the temperature set at between 20-24 degrees Celsius and humidity between 40-70% you sit in the room for around forty five minutes. Stay awake, if you can. Many of us fall instantly into a deep slumber, only to be woken far too soon as the lights are switched on, signifying the end of the treatment. Settled comfortably into cushioned chairs with a snuggly fleecy blanket, time just dissolves. The micro particles of medicinal grade salt enter easily into the skins pores and down into the lungs where they act as a kind of broom to loosen toxins, mucus and other bad stuff that keep us from good health. Interestingly, while Himalayan salt is considered to be the most therapeutic of salts, it is not used here.

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So what is salt therapy good for? Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to build the immune system, clear the skin, adjust sleep disorders, help with skin cancers, and a range of respiratory ailments, including colds, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. Even the hair benefits! Also, anyone suffering from psoriasis or eczema can do a course of treatments and get their skin looking good again.

The other beneficial point about the salt therapy or Halotherapy as it is known, is that it combines so well with most other modalities. Massage, sauna, lymphatic drainage, all work symbiotically, each enhancing the effectiveness of the other.  While the Himalayan salt languishes quietly in the Customs office, the treatments go on and I for one will be back for more. Groups and meditation groups are also accommodated.

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