Honouring great wines is always the aim of a good Sommelier, especially those wines chosen to be on his or her wine list. However to appreciate the wines it is actually not done by simply giving the wine a so called description for customers to read – which is in some cases rather boring (colour, nose, mouth, after taste). After all, who really can remember these words the next day? When I go though wine magazines, I wonder how they come up with these descriptions for wines and whether they really do expect us to believe them without the glass of it in our hand. As we know, every person has a different opinion for wines through his nose and mouth. Based on this, I suggest not trying to remember these little sentences about the wine you drank. If you really want to remember the wine, I then would suggest a wine dairy where you write all your thoughts about the wine and even draw your own little pictures in it.


Another way would be to think like a poet or a writer and try to focus your feelings in words about the wine. For sure in the beginning you will likely struggle and your words may not match your emotions but I believe you should persist, especially if you are in the wine business or if you have a great wine cellar with walls to decorate. You should do it for your own pleasure and find out how far your fantasy goes.

For me it became something special, something where I told myself that I actually can do much more with the cells in my brain to express myself with wines, especially the wines I love and admire. In a way, I thought my own written reactions to the wines could give another course to the guests in my restaurant and therefore enhance the evening even further. To understand fully what I mean I will give you three examples of my writings with a little explanation, and you can decide for yourself if any of this has meanings to you or not. Please see below.

First Example is about the Freixenet Sparkling Wine which became in a way a legend in the world. Important here was in a way for me to bring also the idea of famous people in Spain to the celebrity Freixenet.

Second Example is about the Wine Bird called Merle, which in the end gave the grape variation Merlot its name. To say something about this wine is always a bit of a thrill as I believe it is a very special dish for the mind.

Third Example is about Champagne, what life may be like for it in the bottle and why some Champagnes are preferred by a Sommelier and some not. But all in all it says one sentence. A Sommelier has no peace before the bottle is empty.

orang orang

Don Quixot, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso


First Example

Freixenet World Sparkling Life From Spain

Oh Freixenet your name
is the synonym for Sparkling wine
around the world
Champagnes like Krug, Bollinger and Roederer
are getting jealous
about your famousness
What Champagne is
for the Formel 1 races
that is Freixenet for Motorcycles
around the globe

You are Pablo Picasso
when we see your painted bottles,
You are Don Quixote
riding a motor bike
when we dream
after having tasted you Freixenet
a bottle long
And you make us to Hemingway’s
in a circus
ones we would have the keenness
to face a Toro.

Oh Freixenet give us more
of your wonders
and your life from your bottles
Called Gran Cordon, Carta Nevada
and Elyssia…………….aaaaahhhhh Freixenet

Second Example


In October
when your bodies are full
to erupt
And you look
like black clothed pregnant woman
With a perfume,
So fruity sweet grape alike,
which does lures us,
from far, far away,

Than we the merles come,
to fly over your grape bodies,
Like hungry eagles
Carried by our best friend
the wind
with the appetite
to call you property

In that time
the human beings
try to hide you
under spider net made of cord,
they also guard you
with pistol and guns
and dry to frighten us
with straw puppets.

We care not
that you Merlot grape
may will become
A Château Lynch Bages from Haut Medoc,
or a Ronco di Persico from Tessin
We are not witches or druids
who only desire your sweet blood
which they transfer into alcohol.

Oh yes, we are like real lovers,
We like you as you are
And we take you
into our waiting beak
To bite you
so wild
that your bodies burst,
and your jus runs
like a river
into our feather cape
to make us grassy
for lust of you
with each breath
of air we take
with each bite we make
Because, you are
our Merle` love.

Third Example


Nobody believes it but it does exist,
That every Champagne bottle
has a champagne fairy
They sing like divas
and only I In my fantasy world
hear them loud.

These fairies talk to me!
Serve us, serve us, take away the cork
Take away the wire cage.
OOH, How loud it gets in the Nicolas Feuilette Champagne cellar
Where up to 50 000 000 Champagne fairies
wait their turn.

Oh the young ones two month on the yeast,
They snarl,
The old ones 5 years on the yeast
they grunt and they all moan
“Have mercy! Have mercy!
Dear, dear Champagne waiter
And free us from our yeast,
so we can bubble and jumble
and clutter and muddle
in Night Bars and Kayuputis
all night long.

A Palmes d’Or from Nicolas Feuilette utter:
“Already 6 years I wait for my release“.
But then I say: “Be quiet your birth year
Was spoilt by the film “La Grande Bouffe”.

Another one, called “ Nicolas Feuilette Reserve”
Starts flirting with me and says:
“Do select me, select me!
The old wine elf
Robert Parker gave me pixie points,
a full one hundred.“
“He lied said I, he lied!“

and I take an Jeroboam Palmes d’Or Rose
champagne Fairy,
16teen years of age

Oh, how my friends grin,
They drink so easily, so freely, so thirstily.
But no, my Lady Rose fairy cries,
She still does not believe in liberation.
Has the bubble power bottom
yet been achieved?

Because, until then,
The Champagne fairy is imprisoned.
And I, the poor humble champagne waiter
Be the only one in the whole world,
Who hears her sopping.

when the bottom of the bottle
has been emptied,
those last bubble drops poured to the glass,
then and only then the weeping will cease from my ears.

Oh joy, my Rose champagne Fairy cheers,
happily from the champagne throat out,
she skips, there once more back,
to my illusion world,
hearty she gives me a good by kiss
to dive then,
into the world of her freed Champagne Fairy fellows.

About Author :

Harald Wiesmann

Harald Wiesmann, Restaurant Manager of the fine dining, Asian-inspired Haute Cuisine Kayuputi and Chief Sommelier at The St. Regis Bali Resort, has a very interesting career history spanning a number of years with different roles in various countries. His 45 years of international experience has led Kayuputi to receive prestigious awards from the Wine Spectator Magazine (USA) for seven consecutive years since its opening nine years ago, and dubbed as a fine restaurant that has one of the best wine lists in the Asian region. Harald is set to publish his book, titled “The Inner Voice of a Sommelier in Bali” in the near future we hope.



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