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Tenganan Pegringsingan : The Village of the Ancient Balinese

Explore Bali | Nov 01, 2018

Just off the popular Candidasa in East Bali, Tenganan Pengringsingan is an ancient village that, in the midst of the modernity Bali currently sees, still embraces the rural life as it was centuries ago.    Tourism has indeed seen daylight in Tenganan Pengrisingan. With that being said, the village still retains much of its centuries-old […]

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Discovering the Treasures of Gianyar Regency

Explore Bali | Sep 03, 2018

Gianyar is characterised by its terraced rice fields, dense forests, and dramatic, rolling landscapes. Nature really stands out in this region, and so do the region’s villages of naturally talented artists and craftsmen. Coming through Jalan Tohpati to Gianyar, you’ll drive through Batubulan, the region’s village that is home to the island stone carvers. This […]

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Sanur Village Festival 2018

What's On | Aug 15, 2018

The 13th annual Sanur Village Festival (SVF 2018) aims to facilitate and develop the Sanur community’s creativity and achieve creativity and tourism synergy. Themed “Mandala Giri”, which literally means circle and mountain, this year’s festival refocuses on Mount Agung, where its eruption back in November 2017 created a reflection of humanity and closeness to nature […]

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West Bali: Menjangan, Bull Races and the Rice Bowl of Bali

Explore Bali | Apr 30, 2018

The West of Bali is no less charming than the more famous, vibrant parts of the island that are well advertised. What makes this part of the island unforgettable? First of all, your quest to the west begins with a vast rolling paddy terrace that starts from the higher ground down to the beach where the […]

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Villa De Daun Rebrands as Alaya De Daun Kuta

What's On | Feb 20, 2018

Alaya Hotels & Resorts has announced the highly anticipated rebranding of Villa de daun to Alaya Dedaun Kuta that went into effect as of last month. This move marks the consolidation of the Alaya brand, which currently has two additional boutique resorts located within the cultural heart of Ubud. With its new name and subtle […]

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