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Aesthetic Clinics in Bali : Best Beauty and Aesthetic Venues

Indulge | Feb 08, 2020

Getting beautiful has never been so easy in Bali as now, and lets face it, we all need a little help from time to time. Anti-aging and Aesthetic clinics in Bali are just popping up everywhere you look although they seem to be centred around Jl.Sunset Road – a location that’s easy for everyone. Today […]

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Looking Good for New Year’s Eve : The Ultimate Party Glam Up

Bali Festive Season | Dec 18, 2019

Are you ready to ring in the New Year? No, not yet – ladies you need to glam-up and gentlemen you need a little grooming before you slip into your evening attire and get the party started! For the last night of 2019, you need to look your very best, so we’ve rounded up a […]

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These Luxe Spa Treatments Are the Most Indulgent in Bali

Indulge | May 09, 2019

The Island of the Gods is not only a destination for culture and travel, but also for leisure and luxury. From a signature “Bloody Mary” treatment to four-hand indulgence and 300-minute plus rituals, these establishments know luxury and impeccably deliver it to any leisure seeker in Bali. Luxurious spa pampering and wellness therapies are taken […]

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Bali Salon : Look and Feel Good at these Hair and Nail Havens

Indulge | May 08, 2019

The more we practise self-care, the more confident, creative, and productive we are! Indulging in activities and pastimes that you enjoy is an act of self-care. For some, self-care can be internal, finding moments of quiet or peace, sinking into a flower bath or doing an hour of meditation. For others, self-care is about looking […]

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Journey Through a Holistic Spa Experience at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali

Deals & Promotions | Apr 25, 2019

Dive into a sensory journey at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali’s spa and experience authentic Indonesian hospitality through wellness treatments to heal the body, mind and soul. With an extensive selection of excellent treatments, The Spa at Fairmont Sanur Beach Bali is a holistic sanctuary that offers an extensive selection of beauty and wellness treatments that […]

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Plataran Canggu Opens New Restaurant Inside Traditional Joglo

Dining | Feb 11, 2019

Plataran Indonesia has recently added the first venue and dining outlet to its Canggu property, Plataran Canggu. With its timeless Indonesian architecture, the new restaurant offers an atmosphere of Javanese royalty in a chic and comforting setting that’s centred on a traditional Javanese Joglo house that is over 100 years old. The venue has been […]

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Away Spa at W Bali: The Space Age Spa

Indulge | Jan 16, 2019

The soothing sounds of a trickling river with crickets chirping in the background or golden beach vistas are not everyone’s definition of indulgence. Some may be in search for the newest and coolest experiences out there. At W Bali Seminyak, your spa experience is powered by urban aesthetics and future-forward concepts – it’s like stepping […]

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Have You Ever Heard of Ubud’s Miraculous White Flower?

Indulge | Dec 10, 2018

Ubud, who’s name derives from Ubad (or medicine), is just full of medicinal plants and herbs. While many of these herbs are known to the Balinese, it is such second nature to them that the knowledge stays close to home. One day while walking in the ricefields, I saw a man plucking a small white […]

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Its The Time To Celebrate

Bali Festive Season | Dec 10, 2018

There’s Christmas and then there’s Christmas in Bali. It can be surprising how the holiday season can take on a particular flare here on the island, where indulgent seasonal treats, vibrant light displays, and even Santa Clause come to the tropical shores of this paradise island. Whether you’re looking for that heartwarming eggnog, or mesmerising […]

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Meditation : Do We Really Need To?

Indulge | Nov 28, 2018

From Rishikesh to Lhasa, from LA to Ubud, Meditation is the rage.  Those who don’t actually get down to it, can talk about it, which is almost the same thing! From the Tibetan lamas who spend their lives in a semi meditative state, to those who dabble now and then, meditation is the key.  Said […]

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