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A Quirky Touch To Your Style

Indulge | Aug 29, 2018

Keep an abundance of cuteness and quirkiness in your style with some picks from one of our favourite fashion stores on the island, Kismet. More than just a store, Kismet is a designer/artist hub that connects the right people, providing a creative space where quite a number of talents can expand and materialise their dreams […]

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Krakakoa Chocolates ‘Pop-Up’ in Seminyak

Dining | Jul 24, 2018

A sustainable Indonesian cacao company, Krakakoa, celebrates the opening of its first pop-up shop in Seminyak that host an array of activities such as chocolate tastings, chocolate-making and informative workshops. Not just limited to purchasing and tasting chocolate, in this shop customers will also receive detailed information about the work that Krakakoa is doing with […]

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Bali Yoga Shop: Take Your Session Home

Indulge | Mar 26, 2018

Unlike setting up a gym at your home that may cost you a fortune, home yoga is relatively easy and far less expensive. Setting up your own yoga at home requires almost zero effort and minimum space as compared to other wellness methods. Before you start, you need to find a peaceful and quiet spot […]

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