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Trincomalee: Travels to Sri Lanka with Will Meyrick

Explore Bali | Nov 26, 2018

The challenge to find a holiday destination in July to August is actually more difficult than you’d think, especially when you live on paradise island like Bali, and everything is at your doorstep. We have the school holidays to consider and I do like to get away with the kids, taking them somewhere different each […]

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Mapping Bali 33 : Turning to the Sea

Culture | Sep 20, 2018

Turning to the Sea Another strategy to survive this arid environment is to turn away from the hills and look to the sea. Generally speaking the Balinese don’t like the ocean, but know when to put it to good use. When the scarce rains fall in the arid regions, the people turn to the land […]

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Bijoux Bajo: Exploring Flores in Style

Archipelago Diaries | Jun 21, 2018

Once a regency of sleepy fishing villages with empty white sand beaches and bay islands, Manggarai on the island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara is now on the verge of becoming the next “it” tourism destination in Indonesia. Its extraordinary marine life is definitely an attraction, but more so are its unspoiled, off-the-beaten-track natural […]

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Coastal Communities: Saving Bali’s Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Coastal Living | Jun 21, 2018

Bali is facing a waste management crisis. With Indonesia being one of the world’s biggest contributors to ocean plastic, this is a problem. This island has declared a ‘garbage emergency’ after the beaches were inundated with a rising tide of plastic waste. Local communities are working hand-in-hand to keep Bali’s beaches clean. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia […]

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A Perfect Sunrise: Chasing Dolphins in Bali

Indulge | Jun 12, 2018

What does beach time look like for kids? Drawing in the sand, building sand castles and playing in the water. Escaping from Bali’s busy southern hub, the north coast holds another highlight of the island. This is Lovina, and the area offers an experience beyond just building sand castles, seeing the famous dolphins in Bali.  […]

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Photo Essay: Coastal Lives on the Island

Coastal Living | Jun 11, 2018

A lot is happening on Bali’s coastlines. From the fishing villages to ceremonies and sea salt farming and leisure and weekend playgrounds for the residents, the beaches of Bali are always buzzing with life. HOMAGE TO THE GODS  Seen here is the Melasti purification ceremony held on the beach of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and […]

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Discovering The Marine Life

Indulge | Mar 07, 2018

The Ocean. Even though many great attempts have been made by explorers and scientists to reveal the mysteries of the deep, there are still many things to be discovered. While 70% of our earth is covered by water, how deep is our knowledge about this liquid body of earth. Being one of the sources of […]

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Ocean Dining at Ulu Cliffhouse

Dining | Feb 26, 2018

With its unparalleled oceanic view, Ulu Cliffhouse brings a new hidden venue for enthusiastic diners. Tucked out of sight, halfway down the cliff face, this ocean deck bar is accessible via a winding stairway. With a capacity of 100 people, this secret hideaway takes you to sip on tiki-style cocktails as you revel in the […]

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Island Sunsets: The Best Destinations for Golden Hour

Explore Bali | Jan 03, 2018

One of the most magical experiences that Bali has to offer are its breathtaking sunsets; and Bali’s south is where you can best observe picturesque transitions before the moon rises – from the beaches with your toes in the sand, to the clifftops. KUTA & SEMINYAK Let’s start with our very own comfort zones in […]

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