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NOW! Bali’s Guidelines for Better Living

NOW! Bali Blog | Jan 24, 2019

one: waste management 1. How Much Waste Do You Produce In A Year? FACT: Each person can produce waste up to 0.7 kg per day Bali produces over 500 tons of waste every day A person can use up to 700 plastic bags per year We assume that the waste problem is over when we […]

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Eco Bali: The Solution to Bali’s Waste Crisis

Our Bali Heroes | Jan 03, 2018

Indonesia has now become the world’s second-biggest contributor to plastic waste in the oceans. This island is facing the alarming issue of waste disposal with shorelines laden with refuse, which is washed up every day when the tides come in. Communities are struggling to deal with the volume of waste, and even high-end hotels now […]

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