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Pucker Up for Sensatia’s All-New, al Naturale Lip Care Collection

Indulge | Sep 17, 2018

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand has launched their new and improved lip care collection. One of the most sought after products of Sensatia Botanicals, the brand’s new lip care collection features reformulated lip balms and an addition of a natural lip scrub. Made in Bali with globally sourced ingredients, these new lip care products […]

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Bali Safari Park : Animal Night Watch

Indulge | Aug 27, 2018

Where should you take the kids this evening? While there are many entertaining evening activities for adults, there are few that cater a parents’ need of entertaining  and keeping their kids busy after sunset. Bali Safari Park, situated on Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra – Ketewel, is one of the few that offers amazing evening experience […]

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Chocolate Treatment at Anantara Spa

Indulge | Aug 19, 2018

Not only for the taste, chocolate has a bundle of benefits for the skin. Scientists have found that chocolate is high in antioxidants, making them perfect as a natural moisturiser to protect skin and soothe skin irritation. Rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, plus iron and calcium, chocolate nourishes skin from the […]

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Eco Beauty Gleam

Indulge | Aug 15, 2018

Hand made using 100% natural ingredients, Sensatia Botanicals is one of the most recognisable ‘made in Bali’ brands that focuses on high quality skincare and beauty products. All their products are natural, and most importantly, safe for any type of skin. Trademarked in many countries, with more than 200 product registrations, Sensatia Botanicals is proud […]

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Clean and Green : Sensatia Botanical’s Environmentally Friendly Bath Essentials

Indulge | Jul 18, 2018

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, Sensatia Botanicals, is launching its latest innovation and adding to its line of natural skin-care; a sulphate-free personal care collection. Featuring body wash, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, each of these collections come in four different series; a mixture of lemon, geranium, tea tree and peppermint essential oils.  Made […]

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Natural Remedies with Balinese Ingredients

Indulge | Mar 28, 2018

Trying to boost your health at home? Why not try to look through your spice rack for some favourite spa treatment ingredients. They can be easily gathered and put together to ensure it meets the standards of your spa setup requirements whenever and wherever you are. In case you don’t know, the ingredients used at […]

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New, Natural Nurturing Hair Oil from Sensatia Botanicals

Indulge | Feb 22, 2018

Indonesian’s natural beauty care brand, Sensatia Botanicals, announces its new hair oil product, Argan Rose & Jasmine Nurturing Hair Oil. This product is formulated with a mixture of selected plant actives that works as a leave-in treatment, resulting in shinier and smoother hair with a lovely scent. This hair oil is also rich in fatty […]

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Natural Healing: A Magnificent Magnesium Massage

Indulge | Jan 12, 2018

We all like to stay healthy and we are lucky to live at a time when new discoveries are being made almost daily. And we are all looking for miracles. One of the top trending new health miracles is magnesium or to be precise, magnesium oil. Most of us are magnesium deficient without even realising […]

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