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Fit Plate Bali is Sanur’s New Healthy Fix

Dining | Dec 17, 2018

Recently opening it’s doors in Sanur is Fit Plate, a canteen that dishes up nutritional, balanced yet tasty food, adding a new option to the row upon row of restaurants in the area to choose from. Fit Plate aims at promoting healthy eating lifestyle through the various options of sugar free, gluten free and low […]

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Bali Detox: Diet Retreats and Experiences

Indulge | Mar 26, 2018

Many people think that any diet programme is suitable or is only meant for those who have body weight issues. This is a big misconception since anyone who wants to care for their health and engage in an active life should follow a diet programme. Offering anti-stress solutions, these programmes looks after our health in […]

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Loving Yourself: Bali’s Healthy Food Destinations

Dining | Feb 01, 2018

You cannot consider yourself a healthy food consumer by staying thin and depriving yourself of the foods you love. It is actually about feeling great about your overall body, having more energy, improving your health, and stabilising your mood. Fat doesn’t sound very attractive to some people, but in the right amount, it does wonders […]

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