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Little Climbers: Rock Climbing in Bali

Indulge | Oct 23, 2018

Children’s energy flows like a river in the rainy season. Looking like they rarely get tired. They run, they jump, they climb and so on. They are natural climber. They climb the furniture in the house, trees, fence and so on. Knowing the risk of falling, parents sometimes freak out watching their kids climb. If […]

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Get Creative: Arts & Crafts for Kids in Bali

Bali For Kids | Sep 07, 2018

With a careful stroke of their brush or the precise clasp of a pair of scissors, their fine motor skills slowly but surely improve and their patience is exercised. Fostering creativity helps children to develop their ability in articulating their imaginations and moods. When kids play with paints, mixing one colour with another, and find […]

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Cultural Appreciation : Teaching Kids Balinese Culture

Bali For Kids | Sep 06, 2018

Culture plays an important role in how children make sense of the world around them. Children’s connection to their culture develops through their experiences. As adults, we should help them connect with their cultural identity by supplying warm and secure emotional connections. This helps the young minds build a positive cultural identity for themselves, as […]

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One Fun Day at Finns Bali: From Bouncing to Bowling

Indulge | Apr 04, 2018

It is without a doubt that this island offers numerous activities to keep children engaged. Ranging from nature visits to water-based fun, video gaming halls to sporting activities, the list is endless, and all dedicated to allowing parents a little breathing space while at the same time giving them a chance to bond with their […]

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Playtime at Ulun Danu, Bedugul

Indulge | Feb 26, 2018

Have you visited one of Bali’s most iconic temples, Ulundanu Beratan Temple? Unlike other temple compounds where kids can get bored easily, the Ulundanu Beratan Temple offers facilities and activities to provide an abundance of fun for kids. Ulundanu Beratan Temple is also known as ‘the water temple’ and the epic picture of it is […]

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Family-Friendly Stays in Bali

The Month of Love | Feb 13, 2018

Vacations with family means spending quality time with your family. Full stop. We sometimes make excuses for not taking a family vacation, we either have too many other things to do or it is money related. However, at some point, we will be mentally and physically exhausted from the everyday routine. There’s only one solution; […]

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