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Hilton Bali Resort Relaunches The Shore Restaurant

Dining | Aug 27, 2018

Following an extensive interior uplift of the three-storey beachfront restaurant, Hilton Bali Resort has just announced the official relaunch of The Shore Restaurant. The new interior design reflects natural elements and earthy tones from wood, greenery and terracotta that harmonise with contemporary furnishings. Located on the resort’s beach and poolside, accessible via Cliff Tower, this […]

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Can You Make It Through Totem Room Escape’s Adventures?

Explore Bali | Jul 20, 2018

You are suddenly locked in a strange room and have no idea how you got there. There is a countdown clock and it starts ticking. You notice a camera in the corner of the room and realise you are being watched. The room is filled with seemingly impossible puzzles to solve and manipulating objects. You […]

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