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The Margapati Dance: A King and Death Meet

The Dances of Bali | Jun 25, 2018

In Bali, the island’s culture has strong ties to the surrounding natural environment. The religious rituals are delivered as a give back to the ancestors and nature for the entire ceremony and life. The sacred rituals involve beautiful offerings and eye-catching cultural performances. Every art form was born as an offering to the gods and […]

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Ngayah: A Temple’s Ritual Activitation

Culture | Apr 09, 2018

There are other preparations besides preparing the temple grounds, other important elements of ritual life that can take years to develop and perfect. This is the music and dance that will accompany the temple activities. Most of the musicians and dancers are from the village itself, sometimes outside artists are invited to help out but […]

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The Unfortunate Charm of the Legong Dancer

Culture | Feb 22, 2018

Like everything, wise Balinese men will tell you, even their island too is subjected to the law of the Rwabhinneda, the complementary opposites. Light and Darkness; male and female; good and bad; serious and funny, and so forth. I spend much of my writing time talking about the positive, or funny sides of Balinese culture, […]

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Tragic Love in the Stories of Balinese Dance

The Dances of Bali | Feb 01, 2018

Love is an absurdly warm feeling full of complexity. Love stories can end up being happily ever after or, alternatively, manifest into agony and hatred. Romance is a sedative that triggers the creative mind to express oneself, a great inspiration for artists. In the hands of talented artists, a bloody war caused by love can […]

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Witnessing The Lingsar: A Journey Across the Sea

The Dances of Bali | Jan 25, 2018

Every Balinese dance has a story, including The Lingsar, which shares the history between Lombok and Bali. The King of Karangasem sent Anak Agung Ketut Karangasem to the land of the Sasak, Lombok Island, with a troop of followers. Ida Pedandan Ketut Sebali, a holy man also accompanied Ketut Karangasem on this journey. After days […]

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