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Uniquely Bali: Creating a Balinese Business

Personal Perspective | Feb 18, 2018

There are so many things “right” about Bali, even in its current state of “perpetual preparedness” for the expected big bang from Mount Agung, but I do just want to reflect a little on not the encroachment of “western culture” and values on Bali but the attitude which so many of these bringing it to […]

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Mapeed : A Balinese Ritual Procession

Secret Bali | Feb 14, 2018

One of Bali’s most iconic ceremonies is the Mapeed – or sometimes mepeed – where lines of Balinese women walk together as ritual. Our contributor Ayu Sekar shares more: Out of the squalor and chaos of the market, a stream of waving long bamboo flagpoles or penjors start to appear. Accompanied by the sound of […]

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Learning to Love Bali, the Right Way

Soapbox | Feb 01, 2018

The English Heritage Society created a really meaningful “virtuous circle” which really appealed to me. A virtuous circle as opposed to the opposite, a downward cycle of destruction, is a process of self-improvement and positive reinforcement. This circle was something they had figured out worked for the appreciation and preservation of historical and cultural sites, […]

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Witnessing The Lingsar: A Journey Across the Sea

The Dances of Bali | Jan 25, 2018

Every Balinese dance has a story, including The Lingsar, which shares the history between Lombok and Bali. The King of Karangasem sent Anak Agung Ketut Karangasem to the land of the Sasak, Lombok Island, with a troop of followers. Ida Pedandan Ketut Sebali, a holy man also accompanied Ketut Karangasem on this journey. After days […]

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Balinese Living Arts: Ubud’s Newest Cultural Performances

The Dances of Bali | Jan 19, 2018

Immerse yourself in a brand new cultural exposé in Ubud with Balinese Living Arts; two daily performances that blend drama, dance and music to present some of the island’s most treasured stories.  Not a day goes by in Bali when a traditional dance is not being performed, whether it is the youthful apprentices practicing in the village […]

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Ngurek : A Suicidal Performance

The Dances of Bali | Mar 07, 2017

Those who have watched the Barong and Rangda Dance, Bali’s dance performances, should have seen a group of men attempting to stab their chests with a sharp dagger. This segment ends with a priest who comes on stage, takes the dagger away before sprinkling the man with holy water that was offered to the Gods […]

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Mekare-Kare War Dance Ceremony 2016

The Dances of Bali | Jul 22, 2016

Boys becoming men! A mass coming-of-age ritual which is still preserved in the balinese village of Tenganan Pegringsingan in east Bali. Dedicated to Indra, the Hindu god of war and the sky, one can see friendly duels between all male villagers, who bout each other armed with a small rattan shield in one hand and a tied packet […]

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Artdiscovery by Artpreciation

Art In Bali | Jun 22, 2015

  The truth is, many people don’t know how to look at art. You will see most people in the art museum hustling through, pausing for only a minute at each painting or sculpture, looking either bored or perturbed, before traipsing on to the next piece. Is there anything that can be done to encourage […]

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Kecak, Bali’s Fire Dance

The Dances of Bali | Mar 26, 2013

Afternoons are always a good time to visit Uluwatu, the southern tip of the island. Not only to admire the lovely sunset from the top of the cliff but also to watch the famous Kecak Dance Performance, also known as the Bali Fire dance, which overlooks Uluwatu Temple. But what is the Kecak, and what’s […]

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