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Bali’s Nightly Cultural Performances

Explore Bali | Nov 02, 2018

An evening of cultural appreciation should leave a memorable experience on your Bali travel diary. And doing so is like a picnic, for there are countless nightly traditional Balinese dance performances held on many corners of the island for you to come and watch.  So much more than just a form of art, traditional dances […]

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Arak Attack : The Making of Bali’s Moonshine

Indulge | Nov 01, 2018

If you think the top-shelf vodkas and whiskies are too soft for your palette or if the local beer finally gets to you, then it’s time to take a trip to Klungkung and Karangasem regencies where you can revitalise your taste buds and help you come away with a different perspective on the island’s own […]

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Dagger in Hand: Bali’s Baris Keris Dance

The Dances of Bali | Oct 29, 2018

Baris dance is one important dance usually performed as the opening to a sacred ritual or big religious ceremony in temples in the villages of Bali. The dance plays an important role as it symbolises the welcoming of deities, gods and goddesses that are believed have come down from heaven to witness the rituals. The […]

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Turmeric : The Golden Miracle

Indulge | Oct 23, 2018

The word on everyone’s lips right now is turmeric, or in Indonesia, it is known as Kunyit. This magical root, a member of the ginger family, is attributed with miraculous, almost unbelievable powers. Everything comes under its benign influence, from curing cancer to erasing wrinkles and improving both body and brain function. It is said […]

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Bali’s Cultural Book Series : NOW! Bali Publications

NOW! Bali Blog | Oct 23, 2018

NOW! Bali, a Bali-based magazine under the Phoenix Communications company, has published 4 books about Bali , called the Cultural Book Series. Each book captures a different aspect of the island’s complex and beautiful culture and the people’s way of life: Over NOW! Bali’s 10 years in printed publications, with now 120 editions of the […]

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Metatah : A Balinese Teeth Filing (Done with Style)

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Oct 09, 2018

Its not every day that some well placed person in Ubud society organises a huge metatah or tooth filing ceremony for her greater family, it was an affair to remember. Without mentioning any names, the event took place at the popular Honeymoon Guest House where twenty two children or young adults had their front teeth filed […]

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The Arts of Malang

Archipelago Diaries | Sep 24, 2018

The east Java town of Malang is soaked in history and surrounded by nature. With that being said, for this issue’s Archipelago Diaries, NOW! Bali’s Alistair Speirs indulged himself in a Malang establishment, where arts take centerstage.  Imagine a hotel whose purpose is to preserve and glorify art. Imagine a hotel where every room is […]

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Mapping Bali 33 : Turning to the Sea

Culture | Sep 20, 2018

Turning to the Sea Another strategy to survive this arid environment is to turn away from the hills and look to the sea. Generally speaking the Balinese don’t like the ocean, but know when to put it to good use. When the scarce rains fall in the arid regions, the people turn to the land […]

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Rejang Renteng: A Dance of the Older Generation

The Dances of Bali | Sep 19, 2018

Balinese dances eloquently charm audiences with their signature basic movements, eye movements and curvy nature of the female dancers. Almost all of the dances on the island boast bright colours and glittery costumes. All of this is not presented in Rejang Renteng. Rejang Renteng is a variation of the Rejang Dance – the sacred dance […]

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Cultural Appreciation : Teaching Kids Balinese Culture

Bali For Kids | Sep 06, 2018

Culture plays an important role in how children make sense of the world around them. Children’s connection to their culture develops through their experiences. As adults, we should help them connect with their cultural identity by supplying warm and secure emotional connections. This helps the young minds build a positive cultural identity for themselves, as […]

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