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Bali Beauty – The Real Thing

Culture | Jan 19, 2019

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, yet go to any traditional Balinese ceremony or head out of the city and beauty is all around you. Temple ceremony days are the best places to see beautiful girls. This is the time when everyone dresses up in their best. Makeup, jewellery, all the […]

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Bali’s Power Pedanda : The Rise of Bali’s High Priests

Explore Bali | Jan 15, 2019

Bali’s high priests have stepped it up a few notches of late — in jewelry, showmanship, and stamina. As more and more Balinese opt for the higher utama form of ceremony, which require high priests, pedanda are these days busier criss-crossing the island at all hours. Fourteen of them went off to East Java last […]

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The Myth About Balinese Dreadlocks

Myth in Bali | Jan 07, 2019

Please don’t get fooled by the title, for this is no article on upbeat fashion and style. Rather, this is a story about how one’s path in life – a Balinese man in this case – is determined by his hair. We are talking about dreadlocks, the kind of hairstyle celebrated by the Rastafarians. In […]

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Suteja Neka : Founder of Neka Museum

10 Years of Celebrating Bali | Jan 05, 2019

“A museum means a lot more than just a tourist object. it is a place where culture is preserved, art is admired, history is appreciated, and local wisdom is promoted. It acts as a teacher, a learning space, a world of information, and an inspiration.” Pande Wayan Suteja Neka (founder of NEKA Art Museum) The […]

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Bali’s Jero Gede Mecaling, The Spreader of Death and Disease

Culture | Dec 20, 2018

These hot and humid days are the most difficult times in Bali. But make no mistake. It is not because of the rainy season. It is because the guardians of hell are cleaning their cauldron. Yes, they do a little housekeeping at this time of year. Suratma, who judges all souls at the gates of […]

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Mapping Bali – Kebun Culture

Culture | Dec 20, 2018

Kebun Culture When traveling through the hillsides, both north and south, it will quickly become clear that you are not in rice country any more, these villages owe their livelihoods to the fruit trees and coffee bushes that thrive at these altitudes. There is a wide variety of cultivated plants in these areas. Within a […]

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Art Bali – The Premiere Event to Position Bali on the Global Art Map

Art In Bali | Dec 20, 2018

The first Art Bali contemporary art exhibition was officially opened by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani on the 9th of October in Nusa Dua. Held in conjunction with the 2018 annual meetings of the IMF-World Bank Group at Nusa Dua, Art Bali highlighted the works of 39 Balinese, Indonesian […]

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2000 Ladies Perform Tenun Dance on Petitenget Beach

The Dances of Bali | Dec 12, 2018

If this is your first time visiting Bali, you may have gathered some information of several interesting dances to see during your stay. Two of the most famous ones are Legong and Kecak. However, there are many traditional dances in this island. Some are considered sacred and only performed in temples during religious rituals, while […]

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The Great Archipelago Exhibition

What's On | Dec 04, 2018

In ‘Kayu’, one of the beautiful, wooden joglo buildings of the Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets in Mas Village, Ubud, an incredibly eclectic set of art installations are on display. The Great Archipelago Exhibition features 11 tables, all of which have been designed and produced by 12 international artists: Michelangelo Pistoletto, Arahmaiani, Dora […]

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Makepung Lampit Buffalo Race

What's On | Nov 20, 2018

Another version of the Makepung race, Makepung Lampit, will also take place this month on the 25th. Different from the regular Makepung Race, Makepung Lampit is held in wetlands, where the pair of buffalos pulls the Lampit, or the wooden board, on muddy terrestrial. Inspired by Balinese agriculture, Makepung Lampit signifies the gotong royong culture, […]

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