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Bali Still Safe? 2,291 People Enter Bali from East Java

What's On | May 22, 2020

For those of us who live on the island, it has been blatantly visible that people are beginning to relax on social distancing and staying at home. 2 months of frustration, and the seemingly positive news surrounding Bali’s Covid-19 situation has created the perfect recipe for this. However, we urge to stand fast because outside […]

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Bali Provincial Government Extends ‘Work From Home’ Until Mid May

What's On | Apr 22, 2020

In a Circular Letter released by the Bali Regional Government (Pemertinah Provincial Bali), signed and confirmed by Bali Governor I Wayan Koster, it has been stated that the ‘Work From Home’ mandate has been extended until 13 May 2020. Below we have done a direct translation of the official Circular Letter from Indonesian to English, […]

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Music & Conflict: Songs That Helped Soldiers Through Hard Times

Music to the Ears | Apr 05, 2020

For some veterans of the Vietnam War, their memories aren’t exclusively of guns, powder and violence, but rather about songs and lyrics. The bloody conflict was notoriously divisive, but in turn sparked a new form of resistance: music. Pro-war hawks and pro-peace doves aside, there were songs that gave voice to an era that changed […]

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Online Groceries in Bali : Deliver Goods to Your Doorstep

NOW! Bali Blog | Apr 01, 2020

In these uncertain times, braving crowded aisles of the supermarket may feel perilous. Though trips to the grocery store are still given the green light, taking advantage of online groceries in Bali will save you time and worry. Here are the best ways to get groceries, from fresh food to pantry snacks, delivered safely to […]

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COVID-19 in Bali – Essential Information and Numbers

What's On | Mar 27, 2020

COVID-19 Cases in Bali Island 1900 CONFIRMED 974 RECOVERED 23 DEATH For live update about Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, visit Get informed, take percautions, and help to contain the virus from spreading. Like the rest of the world, people are now also being hit by the effects of COVID-19 in Bali. Whilst the tourism […]

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Update: Balinese Government Limits Nyepi Ceremonies to Curb Covid-19 Spread

What's On | Mar 23, 2020

On an island deeply-rooted in its religion and culture, the Balinese calendar is filled with religious ceremonies and rituals all year round. But what will happen to these events while we are amidst the Covid-19 pandemic? The Balinese government has issued statements regarding the limitations of the upcoming Ogoh-Ogoh Parade and Melasti Ceremony to isolate […]

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