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Riding The Waves of Bali

Explore Bali | Aug 18, 2018

The combination of consistent water temperature, weather and sea swells throughout the year makes surfers from all over the world consider Bali as the holy spot of surfing. Since the 70’s, after Bali was discovered by trailblazing surfers, surfing has gained popularity with bigger reach each year and grown into an institution. It is easy […]

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Ubud Run 2018

What's On | Aug 15, 2018

Following the previous success of last year, Wanconvex and Running Explorer are back in collaboration to invite runners all over the island to enjoy the nature of Ubud with all its beauty. Carrying the theme ‘Connecting Your Soul Into Nature’, Ubud Run 2018 will attract more local people and a strong culture of Ubud. Available […]

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A Healing Hand: Bali Organisations Improving Health on the Island

Bali's Unsung Heroes | Aug 06, 2018

Underneath the glamorous life of Bali, there is another layer of this island that many of us are not aware of or decide to ignore; the enormous scale of poverty. Extreme poverty forces these unfortunate people to struggle with daily life, even down to the most basic food necessities. It is not easy to find […]

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