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Eat Streets of Bali : Kuta – Legian

Dining | Oct 12, 2018

Famed among the Australians for its active nightlife, Kuta and Legian also attract foodies from all over the world for a decent culinary adventure. An assortment of restaurants shares the scene offering a seemingly endless mix of local and international cuisine. Whether it be fancy dining inside five-star hotels, sunset light meals in beach bars […]

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Full Comfort at What’s Up Ubud : Gourmet Pizzas, Burgers and Cocktails

Dining Reviews | Oct 03, 2018

When people think of eating Ubud, the first thing they think of is organic, healthy, vegan. Whilst the town certainly is known for its healthy living this hardly does the food scene justice. Ubud is filled with fantastic local eateries, international restaurants and now also fine dining establishments. What’s been missing however is seriously tasty […]

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Exploring Indonesia Through Cocktails

Dining | Mar 29, 2018

Located in the tropical region, Indonesia enjoys an abundance rain and sunshine most of the time, which are important elements for agriculture. An archipelago of more than 18,000 islands, the country is rich in biodiversity, its native produce and unique ingredients elude most of the world including Sumatran andaliman pepper, Balinese jack fruit, Toraja coffee […]

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Drinks for Two: A Lively Valentines

Indulge | Feb 13, 2018

Now this is the simplest trick in the book for having a great time with your closest friends. A bar or a hangout venue is the natural social setting that’s perfect to celebrate friendship. Go alone and you’ll likely make new friends; go with friends and you can talk about that sad guy who goes […]

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