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If someone would ask me the question: Why should he/she drink and how to start drinking wine? What would be my personal answer?

Text by Harald Wiesman

If someone would ask me the question: Why should he/she drink and how to start drinking wine? What would be my personal answer?

Let us start with how to start drinking wine. First of all you should know that there is white, red, rose, sparkling and there are sweet wines. Of all kinds of wine, there are quality standards, like Premier Cru, Grand Cru Classe, Spaetlese, fortified; Amarone, Eiswein and many others which have price differences.

As our aim is to explore and enjoy wines, we should start with sweet wines, the start of human beverage in the beginning of life is sweet, just like mother’s milk. If you have already drunk Martini Bianco or/and Rosso or any other Vermouth which is also made of wine, than you have had already a very good start to the world of drinking wine. If not, I would suggest that you start with a sweet Sparkling wine, a Moscato or Prosssecco from Italy. There are also wonderful sweet Sparkling wines from Australia. Why not a sweet Champagne after getting to like the sparkling sweet world?

The next step to enjoy wine is to drink sweet wine and not sparkling wine. Start with a fruity-sweet Spaetlese from Germany or Switzerland, they call it Fletri wine. There are more kinds of sweet wine than sparkling wine. Enjoy also sweet Semillon from the Hunter Valley in Australia, a Sauternes from France or Tokay from Hungary. You may call yourself an apprentice as you are still in the beginning of the adventure of wine drinking, so you need not spend on expensive wines. 

Have first the pleasure in liking the new beverage. I would also suggest that you do not get too much involved with descriptions of wines, what smell or taste on the palate or the color. Wait until you have also tried and liked the Semi dry wines like a Gewürztraminer from the Alsace Region or the fruity dry Chenin Blanc from the Loire in France and the Klein Constantia Region in South Africa. And finally, you will come into the dry wine world. Yes, it is most likely that the white wine is liked first before the red wine but maybe you have another character or your tongue is telling you to have red wines first. Find it out by tasting them all.


My Body belongs to Me

However, very important with all this is also, to take care of your body. How will it react to all that new behavior of yours? How fast do you get drunk, after how much ml of wine? Is the color of your face and cheeks changing? Can you still drive after one glass of wine, 150 ml? I would not drive anymore after having 300 ml wine consumed, especially when the stomach is still empty and not having water between drinking the wine. 

My principals with drinking wine, alcohol are:

• Never drink wine without something to eat or only after having eaten already

• Never drink wine after wine, always drink water between. The best suggestion is having three glasses of water to one glass of wine.

• Keep fit. Find out how you feel after having drunk 1/2/3 glasses of wine and cocktails too. Can you still run steps without breathing too heavy and fast?



Nothing Else than The Truth is My Desire

So, why should we drink wine? The entire wine world is saying because it does match the food dishes, which is right and the truth too. But this will come after many good dinners with the right wines being matched. There is another view too to drinking wine. According to history books, in the time of the Greek culture where god Dionysus was the wine god, the rulers of the town met in closed wine cellars for making decisions on important matters like building a road or going to war. 

They sat and got drunk first, drinking about one bottle of wine. After having freed the minds of the rulers of the troubles of the day and with wine as an inspiration, ideas were created and explained to the others in the wine cellar. One person, not drinking, was appointed to write down all the ideas which came up. For the very important matters there were many meetings like the one described, however after a drinking meeting there were always a non drinking meeting and later both ideas of the wine and the non wine meeting were compared and very often the ideas of the wine meeting brought the best ideas, which represented the consensus of the community and therefore the truth of the community mind. 

Wine frees the mind and the truth is told. Try it. 




Children of Wine God Dionysus


Once I followed the train of clouds, dreamingly,

I rove between vines 

which were strong like muscles,

and surrounded by small flints and fresh grass        

My senses were intoxicated

by the parfuem of the country

which were like the smoky breath of roasted 



I felt the sun on my shoulders, 

which were like volcano fire 


There was the unfolding of a graveyard,

a never experienced freedom 

which spread in myself out


and I had the perception 

to foresee eternity.

Aah, how the wind

careesed my cheeks,

gentle like tender fingers of children,

The call of love for Mother Nature 

was awakening my soul 

And when my glass of wine 

which was sparkle 

like fresh blood 

streamed into my dry mouth, sip of sip

there I hear suddenly

the voice of wine god Dionysus

Son, here you must remain,

to grow stiff and grow 

like my vine children 

for your goal has been 

to become yourself a god of wine



Chief Sommelier, 

The St. Regis Bali Resort


Harald Wiesmann, Restaurant Manager of the Asian inspired Haute Cuisine Kayuputi and Chief Sommelier at The St. Regis Bali Resort, has a very interesting career history spanning a number of years with different roles in various countries. His 40 years of international experience has led Kayuputi to receive prestigious awards from the Wine Spectator Magazine (USA) for four consecutive years since its opening four years ago. While for the first two years the restaurant was awarded ‘Award of Excellence’, these last 2 years Kayuputi has been honored with ‘Best of Award of Excellence’, making it the first and only restaurant in the whole of Indonesia to win this coveted award.


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