Surf and Turf: Safe Surfing by the Sea

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At this time of the year, Bali usually boasts great weather that makeswhite sand beaches with its softly lapping waves perfect for a day out in the sun.Although, a day at the beach can be quite monotonous, especially for the kids, so this month we looked into Surf and Turf, where beach club meets water park for an ultimate family outing.

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In ITDC, Nusa Dua’s tourist hub, you’ll find the beachfront dining and entertainment complex known as The Bay, where Surf and Turf calls home. The beach club is a confined outdoor area so it is safe for children to wander around, while parents can lounge in the daybeds by the large pool, or take seat in the sheltered restaurant. The area is a mere step away from the beach, a secluded bay at the edge of Nusa Dua, known for its calm, clean waters. Take the kids out for canoeing or kayaking in the cooler morning sun to start the day, available from Surf & Turf.

When the beach gets stale, this is when Surf & Turf comes in. For family members over the age of 5, water slides await inside the complex. The best slide is the ‘Space Bowl’; a slide that leads down into a giant bowl where you’re flushed round and round before plunging down into the pool below – a bit like a toilet really, but the children will no doubt love it.

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The most highlighted activity in the club is the Surf Rider. A favourite for kids,but also hugely popular amongst adults, especially those into water or board sports. Surf Rider offers an experience of riding a surfboard on a continuously flowing, man-made wave or current.

For those without surfing experience, Surf Rider can be a challenging activity, only to stay balance on the board will take some times to master. Experienced guides are available to assist the riders and train them to find their balance while standing on board as well as to train the riders to do some riding style and tricks.

Just like surfing, this activity comes with many health benefits for all ages. Of course, it helps to develop balance, but also strengthens shoulder, back and leg muscles as well as developing a stable core. These are probably details children won’t pay any attention to, but the best benefit of all is surely the fun they’ll have during their session trying out this unique board sport.

Two Hours Surf Rider package flies unnoticed because the pleasure is endless. So get your children or even yourself involved!The Surf Rider is open from 10 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 4 pm, and 5 pm to 7pm.

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Surf & Turf is a great day out for everyone though, as it has a little bit of everything! The beach, the pool, the slides and Surf Rider are there to take advantage of and keep the children (and you!) entertained. With a full restaurant, daybeds and loungers, some rest and relaxation is possible too.

Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach
The Bay Bali, ITDC LOT C-O, Nusa Dua
+62 361 894 8200

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