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    The Decline and Replacement of Tourism in Bali

    The Covid crisis has hit Bali hard and exposed something we knew to be a real possibility, an economy too dependent on a single sector. Bali’s economy was, and still is, 80-85% dependent directly or indirectly on tourism. Farmers, drivers and local shops are still dependent on tourists coming and eating, hiring buses and taxis […]
  • igor-miske-oLhTLD-RBsc-unsplash

    What is the Purpose of Art?

    Jimmy Knowles, a friend of mine in Connecticut, is a sculptor and many years ago I watched in fascination as he used a crane to get a huge tree trunk ...
  • Question of Identity

    A Question of Identity

    Who do you identify with? So many people feel close to celebrities who somehow reinforce their feelings of who they are. This often happens with singe...
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    Promoting Bali, The Right Way

    Having shared his thoughts on preparing Bali for when travel re-opens again in his last article, “After Covid-19: What Next?“, Alistair Sp...