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    What Makes the Perfect Bali Holiday?

    There isn’t much talk about holidays going on at the moment as the entire world – well quite a lot of it – is actually stuck indoors, locked down or social distancing or whatever the local discipline is called.  But maybe many of those people are already beginning to get the urge, possibly stronger, a […]
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    Promoting Bali, The Right Way

    Having shared his thoughts on preparing Bali for when travel re-opens again in his last article, “After Covid-19: What Next?“, Alistair Sp...
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    After Covid-19 : What Next?

    Some background and some ideas from Alistair Speirs OBE, Managing Director of Phoenix Communications, who has spent many years in Post-crisis action a...
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    Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

    It’s funny how some people just can’t enjoy the delights of food and drink. They are only interested in the nutritional value, the calorific value...