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Sea salt is one of Bali’s locally produced natural products. Still farmed traditionally, as it has been for generations, this produce relies on only a few things: the sea, the sand, the sun and the sweat of local farmer.

In this first Episode of ‘Made in Bali’, a mini-documentary series that celebrates, captures and preserves the island’s many artisans and handcraftsmen, NOW! Bali speaks to Nyoman Warta, one of the few remaining sea salt farmers. On the black volcanic sands of the Klungkung Regency of East Bali, he continues the trade of his forefathers – but he will be the last sea salt farmer of his family. In this video he shares the story of his life, the sea salt making process and the future of the trade.

Photo Essay:

Sea salt Made in Bali 1

Scenes around Klungkung, home to fishing communities. Here the sand is black, a result of a history of volcanic eruptions.

Sea salt Made in Bali 2

The tree trunks that carved into drying racks for the sea salt.

Sea salt Made in Bali 3

Part of Nyoman Warta’s filtering process, where sand that has been filtered and the concentration of salt water is increased.

Sea salt Made in Bali 4

Nyoman’s wife, who assists him at his sea salt farm (left), the heavy carry of sea water to the farm (centre) and the final product (right)

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February 10, 2019

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