Sanur’s Salubrious Sunset Strip

Dining | Written By, Ayu Sekar |

Sanur is always surprising. For a long time it was known jokingly as “snore” but not any more. Where else can you find a five kilometre long strip of white sand beach, all groomed and filled with shading trees. Beach beds and big umbrellas give you options on where to park yourself. The whole strip is lined with restaurants, bars and beach beds. The tall trees provide shade to sit under, while sun lovers can opt for a spot closer to the water.

Sanur's Salubrious Sunset Strip

The brick pathway makes it easy to walk from one end of this cute strip to the other, or hire a bicycle at one of the many bike hire places and see where it leads you. Visitors are spoiled for choice. You can head to the northern end and choose a cute cabana outside la Taverna, with big comfy and shady lounges to slouch in while dining and enjoying a cocktail or two. People seem to spend the whole day there relaxing as they watch the sea change colour in the near distance.

Sanur’s Salubrious Sunset Strip

Also at the northern end is a new place called the Sanur Beach Grove. Located between La Taverna and Tanjung Sari it is a big grassy area, also with shading trees, that looks out over the beach. Tables and chairs are dotted about on the grass and a number of stalls serve food, including excellent fish and chips and a barbeque joint that does pork satay and other delicious fare. Beach beds are closer to the beach.

Sanur's Salubrious Sunset Strip

The juice stand has fresh coconuts and juices and has a way with a tuna melt sandwich and other deli type fare.

Sanur's Salubrious Sunset Strip

At the other end of the beach, just south of the halted Hyatt Hotel, you can follow the road in and turn left to find a couple of other very nice spots. More beach beds and umbrellas are there, plus one cosy little place that does great cappuccinos and a Campari on the rocks for just Rp. 40,000 – which surely must be some kind of price breaking record.

So where to start? It seems the best bet is to start at one end and wander a long until you see what you fancy. The choices are almost limitless.

Food of every description is available and while finer dining is reserved for some of the hotel restaurants – think the Maya just past Batu Jimbar for example. But it matters not what you choose because it all adds up to a fine day out, with plenty of choice. Satay, Barbequed fish, the ubiquitous nasi goreng, and other more exotic fare – you name it, you can find it. When you are sitting with your feet in the sand at a little shaded table, it makes everything taste better.

Eating is just a part of the show. Take a book, relax on a lounger, take a bicycle ride, have a sleep. Fly a kite, jump on a jetski, snorkel near the reef, hire a canoe, have a massage with one of the waiting massage girls. Get your nails done while you lounge – there are so many options. Sanur makes for a great day out and a great change of pace.



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