Everyone knows what beach volley ball is, but somehow, no one really seems to play it much anymore. The fact is, we’re on an island with hundreds of sandy beaches bathed in sunlight and it is ridiculous people aren’t jumping to the idea of this game. With a little bit of music and a good crowd, your beach sports can easily turn into a little beach party.

Beach Volley Ball

Beach Volleyball, which also commonly referred to as Sand Volleyball, is entirely different with traditional indoor volleyball. Featuring the same basic skills of passing, setting, hitting, digging and blocking, Beach Volleyball is more about being out in the sunshine and embracing the fresh air. Sure, you could get serious and play competitively, but you’re bound to end up in a very fast and furious game; take it easy and play some casual Beach Volleyball for some outdoor exercise and fun with friends and family.

Size, age and gender don’t really matter in this beach sport. You can be the smallest, weakest or oldest, as long as you are fit enough for a fun time. You can play early in the morning when sun isn’t high above you, burning your necks. Or start in the afternoon where the ocean waves are rolling in, your feet are sinking in the warm sand, and people are working on their tan.

Now just because you’re having fun doesn’t mean its easy work. With up to 100 calories burned during just half an hour of playing each session, beach volleyball is serious exercise – especially under the heat of the Bali sun.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua beach Resort is one place that provides beach volleyball as one of its activities in its compound. For guests staying at Sofitel, this facility is free of charge any time of the day. If you don’t have enough people to play, worry not, the Sofitel staff will be available for you every day at sunset time. Alternatively, get a group together and head on over to Kuta’s Halfway Beach, where you’ll find a public beach volleyball spot.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort
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