Raining Cats & Dogs: 2 Bali Animal Welfare Organisations Helping Felines and Canines

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A French poet, Anatole France once said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” There is no doubt that animals bring happiness to many people. They are compassionate and a best friend to some people. They help us to be more loving because of the compassion they give.

Bali Animal Welfare Association

Bali is blessed with so many free roaming animals that have wandered on the island for thousands of years. Dogs are one of them. Sadly, it is easy to see stray dogs desperately struggling to find something to eat at every corner of the street or on the beaches. These dogs are not just starving but also not getting clean water, some even suffer from skin conditions.

Bali Animal Welfare Association

Bali Animal Welfare Association

A group of individuals are aware of this heart-breaking situation and established some organisations to help stray dogs have a better life. In Ubud, Bali Animal Welfare Association, also known as BAWA, is one of a non-profit dog rescue foundations dedicated to improving the lives of stray dogs through rescue, rehabilitation, education and advocacy. They provide emergency response and rescue, rehabilitation and adoption, while at the same time practicing humane population control, disease control and runs intensive education and advocacy programmes for sustainable improvement to animal welfare.

Creating natural sanctuaries for not just dogs but animals in Bali is their long-term goal and BAWA mostly relies on the education and support from the locals. In order to achieve this goal, they are keen in forming partnerships with new partners and to focus on ‘One Health’ principles. These principles recognise that the safety and health of animals will help to create safe and healthy communities for humans.

Bali Animal Welfare Association
Address : Jl. Monkey Forest No.100X, Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar (See On Map)
Telephone : +62 811 389 004 / +62 812 3840 133
Website : www.bawabali.com

Villa Kitty Foundation

Still around Ubud, Villa Kitty Foundation works hard to save the lives of Bali’s abandoned cats and kittens. They offer a safe, comfortable shelter and provide quality veterinary care. In addition, they also have sterilisation programmes, responsible cat adoption services, education programmes to promote responsible cat ownership, love and rehabilitation.


Villa Kitty Foundation officially began as a refuge for Bali’s destitute cats and kittens in 2011, and these days they are really busy receiving new kittens and cats at their clinic. Some of those suffer from catflu symptoms, while the little ones arrive with low immune systems so are not strong enough to fight off the viruses on this island. These cats and kittens are being treated well with love until they find a new home.

Animal rescue can sometimes be the most upsetting type of work for some, but it is also joyful and rewarding. We can all do our part by treating all animals with respect and kindness, or by providing them with healthy food and clean water. At the end of the day, loving animals brings out such an endless unconditional love from them to us as human beings.

Villa Kitty Foundation
Address : Jl. Ambarwati No.1 No.320, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar (See On Map)
Telephone : +62 821 47944216 / +62 858 5758 4131
Website : www.villakitty.com



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