What do you need to bring for your Bali getaway? Get yourself ready; you won’t need your 2-inch-coat here!

Bali, Indonesia --- Woman relaxing on beach lounger, Bali, Indonesia --- Image by © Ted Levine/Corbis

Image by © Ted Levine/Corbis

Bali presents an ethereal beauty with its diverse landscape, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines . Flourishing rice terraces spread over verdurous rural scenery, along with an austere volcanic hillside which provides a bewitching landscape to behold.

You might have thought about having a sweet summer escape to a spiritual paradise like Bali. But, if it’s your first time, you ladies may need some advice from your friendly neighbourhood travel magazine on what you’ll need to bring and what to leave in your wardrobe.

1. Lightweight Clothes

Expect a tropical, warm and humid climate in Bali. So, a crucial part of successfully dressing in Bali is picking clothes that allow your skin to breathe, like cotton and linen. Sleeveless tops are always good, or even netted tops – allowing you to soak up some sun and  Choose bright colors that will reflect the light off the sun; you can never go wrong with a chic white!

WO - by the sea

Look chic in white – clothes by BY THE SEA.

No one can deny the comfort of wearing a pair of casual capris, can you? For a casual but chic look by the shore, you can pair with a tank top or even breathable long sleeves.

2. Dressing Up

Even though Bali is a paradise island, we also have loads of fine dining restaurants and trendy nightclubs – so, make sure you pack one or two options for these occasions. Opt for smart, but comfortable!

Paul Ropp 1

Bright dresses by Paul Ropp. These can be worn for a casual outing or for a nice dinner.

Maxi dresses are great if you want to feel fresh and feminine. They make the perfect alternative to pants, which might be a little warmer. This is also a great item you can dress up in for a nice dinner. You can always pack your lighter jumpsuits as an easy extra option.  If you’re looking for some tropical elegance, check out some of Paul Ropp’s collections, a Bali-based designer with vibrance and colour.

3. Swimsuits

During your time in Bali you’re bound to hit the ocean at some point. You know what that means? You’ll be living in your bikini. You never know when you’re going to spontaneously stumble upon a hidden beach whilst wandering. Also, as you adventure out into Bali’s wilderness and adventure spots you never know when a pair of swimmers might come in handy…


Colourful bikinis to see and to be seen at Bali’s beach clubs.

Bali has so many great beach clubs like Potato Head and Mozaic , so you’ll surely want to showcase that fashionable gear, ready for a splash. A good tip is to include a bandeau top or monokini swimsuits in your packing. They make for an easier transition from beach to bar; just slip on your shorts, or wrap a sarong around you, and you’re good to go.

4. Footwear

During your time in Bali, you don’t want to miss a second of the tropical sun. So, when you’re here you may prefer to walk around- comfortable footwear is a must. Make sure to bring espadrilles and/or flats. Ditch those heels, ladies, a pair for fashionable sandals will be a great substitute when hitting the town.


Comfortable and fashionable flats by Indosole.

If you plan on doing any outdoor activities, like trekking or cycling, don’t forget to bring a pair of trainers – nothing worse than missing out on some Bali fun because of a wardrobe malfunction! Of course, number one is a pair of flip-flops, good for anywhere and everywhere here in Bali.

5. Island Accessories

Instant Audrey Hepburn glamour during your summer holiday – just rock a pair of shades and your Bali-look is complete. On the beach, by the pool, on a road trip, walking though rice padi, sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. They’re a good option for boaters or water skiers too.


Accessories by ROXALNE

To beat the heat, a hat is a great. Go for a summer hat. Chic straw hats are fun, whilst felt panama’s are all the rage right now. Of course, classic sun hats can look very chic in the right environment. If you’re a sporty type, caps and visors are cool too

6. Sarongs

Here in Bali, sarongs are vital. They are required if you wish to enter any temples, seeing as they are part of the traditional clothing worn during ceremonies or rituals. So having one in hand when you’re exploring Bali is always helpful.

Wrap sarongs around your waist before you enter any temple.

Although, other than that they are incredibly function. It’s an easy cover for your bikini bottoms whilst you’re on the way to the beach, where it then becomes the perfect day bed! And again, if you’re heading into restaurant, put it on again to cover up. Too easy!

sarong 1

Bright sarong and bikini on the beach.

You can always pick one up for $3-$5 on the beach, or in one of Ubud’s little market stalls, popular for their low cost goodies.

Colourful sarongs for you to choose.

7. Staying Warm and Dry

In Bali, if you are planning to stay in more highland areas like Ubud, Kintamani, or Bedugul, evenings or early mornings can be cooler. Pack a light jacket, hoodie, or fleece depending on your activities. Alternatively, you can bring your knitted mondo poncho or a stylish long cardigan to wear over your blouses or tank tops for a more fashionable look.

If you’re coming in Bali’s rainy season [approx December-February], bring some waterproofs. Something light and low-weight. Alternatively, if you’re here and need something quick and easy, seek-out one of Bali’s very own ‘eco-ponchos’ found around the island.

Staying dry and looking cool in an eco-poncho is possible.

8. Personal healthcare

You’re likely coming to Bali for that gorgeous tropical weather, which we totally understand. But whether you’re at the beach, hiking up a mountain, spending a day at the Bali Safari Park, it doesn’t matter; Bali’s glaring sun will get to you. Remember to pack your sunscreen!

Speaking of bites, keep the tropical strength insect repellant handy to prevent any mosquito bites too. You don’t want to get sick during your holiday here in Bali.

Balibalance 3

We love Bali Balance’s pure, local and chemical free wellness products for our face, body, hair and senses.

9. Retail Therapy!

Our advice, don’t pack too much! Leave some space in your luggage for your Bali shopping, because there are so many fun little boutiques and shops that will grab your attention. Want some ideas of where to go for your retail therapy? Check our shopping section and have a browse.

Visit BY THE SEA for chic beach clothes.



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