Have you visited one of Bali’s most iconic temples, Ulundanu Beratan Temple? Unlike other temple compounds where kids can get bored easily, the Ulundanu Beratan Temple offers facilities and activities to provide an abundance of fun for kids.

Ulundanu Beratan Temple is also known as ‘the water temple’ and the epic picture of it is printed on the 1,000 rupiah bank note of Indonesia. The temple is located just a few hundred meters away from the Bedugul Botanical Garden in Candikuning Village, a hill station in the central part of Bali. The temple compound is located on the shore of the Lake Beratan with some shrines standing out in the water, so when the lake is at full capacity the shrines look like as if they are floating.


The temple is the place where culture meets nature and it has a perfect setting. Visiting the temple with kids, you will find no trouble in keeping the kids from being bored. The vast garden, the first layer of the compound is a beautifully manicured lawn where trees and a variety of flowers grow, which is the perfect area for the kids to run around. Most visitors only come to visit the temple, take some “instagramable” snaps and that’s it. Actually you can do more that just admire the architecture and the nature. On a day with perfect weather, you can spend the day in the garden reading a book on the green grass. Leave the kids to play by your side or have an intimate picnic with your family there; just remember to bring your picnic basket (and keep the area clean)!


If the kids behave during the sight seeing, you can reward them with a memorable trip around the lake by paddling boat or family size traditional canoe. The entire family can enjoy a relaxing time on the lake, while enjoying the view of the temple from different angle, and it is a fun exercise too. There is also powerboat rental for those who want to visit the other side of the lake, but of course travelling with this kind of boat you wont experience the tranquillity the lake has to offer.

In the garden, right in front of the garden restaurant, there is a playground completed with some basic playground facilities, such as slide, swings, and other interactions. The playground is very clean considering it is located outdoor. What makes this playground special is that you can keep an eye on the kids while at the same time enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There are some other fun activities for kids around the area, such as strawberry picking at a farm, tree top adventure complete with flying fox, ATV rides, a few water sport options on the lake, camping by the lake and picnic at the Botanical Garden. So wait no more! Save the date and get ready to take your kids to explore the centre of the island; introducing them to the Balinese culture while keeping them happy with fun activities.


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