Mythical Experiences at Tugu’s Newest ‘JI’

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Entering one of the three unique doorways into JI at Bale Sutra restaurant, located in the empirical enclave of the Hotel Tugu Bali, is to participate in a mythical experience for the senses. Leading the heart of this journey is the namesake and inspiration of this unique Japanese-cum-Peranakan Chinese dining experience, the 310 year old Kang XI period temple which Tugu Hotels founder/designer, Anhar Setjadibrata, rescued from ruin in Java and completely reconstructed on its new premises. At JI, those looking to partake in the delicate fusion of Japanese culinary euphoria may enter through the low Gate of Heaven; those seeking to show their devotion to a luxurious life worth living, through the Gate of Love; and those in search of decadence past a pair of statues of mythological guards and through the four-metre high, Gate of Hell, which tellingly leads to some people’s idea of heaven—a Kabuki-inspired bar offering the finest sakes from Japan, beloved classic cocktails, contemporary Japanese-inspired cocktails and a covetable collection of the most supreme wines from around the world. 

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No matter the choice of entry, a culinary aficionado’s dreams will be fulfilled in the selection of dishes which celebrate Japanese traditions fused with Chinese as well as other exotic cultural influences. After feasting on a meal such as the delectable Maki Rolls; the crab and fennel Wakame Salad; the Pork Belly with sweet potato, ginger and scallion; and the Zaru soba with seared scallops, ikura salmon eggs and bonito flakes, you can be forgiven for assuming you have sampled from a monarch’s personal menu.


JI at Hotel Tugu Bali
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