Muay Thai for Kids

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Young and restless, kids have an innate ability to learn new things. Muay Thai is one of the most versatile and efficient martial arts that children can learn. In Thailand, the home of Muay Thai, children as young as 7 years old have already gone through several fights in the rings. Those children become fighters for several reasons, some go professional because it is their passion, while some fight for financial gains. However, the idea of enrolling your child to Muay Thai is more about encouraging physical activity, a sense of respect and discipline instead rather than to promote violence. There is no age requirement to start learning, but the most important thing is that the children must have a readiness to maintain focus and enthusiasm in learning the art.


Find out whether your kids interested in learning or not, just take them for a trial session. Cox Muay Thai, located in Jalan Nakula, Kuta, offers trial sessions for both kids and adults. Dropping in for a trial is always welcome, but making a reservation beforehand is always better. Considering the fact that learning martial arts varies from person to person, the trainers have developed a gym culture where a more personal approach is applied to each member. Friendly and welcome vibes can be felt that help make everyone comfortable even if they are a newbie to the sport. Cox Muay Thai is under direct supervision of Dodi Karya, Indonesia’s Muay Thai warrior who started his journey in Muay Thai in the early 80’s at a training camp in Bangkok.


One day, on my practice session, I noticed how enthusiast one of the kids were during his trial session. Diptha, 9 years old, was a newbie to the sport, in fact he didn’t know anything about the sport and he was only following his brother to the gym. While his brother had a private one on one session with his trainer, another trainer, Jatu was appointed for Diptha. Just like the other trainers at the gym, Jatu was very attentive to the student. He started by introducing ‘things to know about Muay Thai’ before they continued to warming up, which consisted of stretching, jump rope and jogging.


While I was catching my breath, I watched them begin to learn some skills of this Thai combat sport. Diptha looked so excited learning the jab, straight, hook and uppercut in front of the mirror-covered wall. The trainer was consistently paying attention to Diptha and made several corrections to the position of his feet, hip movements and other details. He even created a little game that, if you lost, you had to do a sit up, thus encouraging them to focus. Having a one on one session enables the students to gain great experience in learning the sport commonly referred to as the art of 8 limbs.


During his trial, Diptha also got to learn to deliver a kick. He was happy to know that he could do punches and kicks just like his heroes in video games and comic books. I asked him if he would come back again, he said that he had convinced his mom, who was waiting with patience, to get him a membership. Learning martial arts at an early age has many beneficial aspects including readiness when self-defence is needed, fostering self-discipline, encouraging physical activity, improving the ability to set and achieve goals, increased self-esteem and sense of respect, as well as encouraging non-violent conflict resolutions.


Bruce Lee famously said, ”The martial arts are ultimately self knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in front, but to knock the hell out of your ego, your fear, or your hang-ups”.

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