Mozaic’s Annual WhiteTruffle & Batasiolo Wine Dinner

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Considered as the “diamonds of the kitchen,” white truffles are rare and expensive because production is highly limited. Every year, during the truffle season, restaurateurs and chefs from all over the world celebrate the season by offering white truffle based set-course menus. It is of no surprise of course that the famed Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud takes part in the appreciation of this treasured ingredient. Every year, Mozaic celebrates with their Annual White Truffle and Batasiolo Wine Dinner.

Mozaic's Annual WhiteTruffle & Batasiolo Wine Dinner

Located in the cultural heart of Bali, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique is known to offer one of the best fine dining experiences in the region. It is a quintessential stop for any foodies’ journey through the land of the gods. Ever since Chef Owner Chris Salans opened Mozaic, it has received the rare status of entry into the prized Le Grand Tables du Monde and other accolades including San Pellegrino’s ‘The World’s Top 50 Restaurants’.

In their last Annual White Truffle and Batasiolo Wine Dinner, held on the 12th of December 2015, Corporate Chef James Ephraim, and Chef de Cuisine at Mozaic Ubud Benoit Larochelle spent a night in the kitchen to prepare the dinner which would include truffle-inspired cuisine, grated at just the last moment to pertain the unique aroma of this fungi. The dinner was accompanied by the famed Batasiolo wines from the Batasiolo winery owned by the Dogliani family (who were also present during the dinner).

Mozaic's Annual WhiteTruffle & Batasiolo Wine Dinner

To open the night, both heralded chefs prepared an Atlantic Scallop Carpaccio with Russian Caviar with fresh white truffles the local touch of Andalima lemon pepper. The Crispy Seared Foie Gras received quite an applause as it was combined with the white truffles to give it an aroma and taste preferably different from your regular foie gras. And the main course was the grade 9 Wagyu Beef Sirloin with fresh white truffles and new season Jerusalem artichokes. To close the proceedings, Salans and Ephraim both prepared Lemon Basil and Milk Chocolate cooked in liquid nitrogen with fresh white truffle ice cream.

Mozaic's Annual WhiteTruffle & Batasiolo Wine Dinner

All in all, Mozaic’s brilliant interpretations on the use of this fine funghi managed to surpass the expectations of the culinary connoisseurs of the evening. Luckily, this reveled event takes place every year so all may bask in the wonders of the white truffle!

The restaurant, which is touted by many publications to be among the best of the best, is a culinary destination in its own right, serving an array of freshly made food, carefully prepared by the skilled and experienced team. Make your visit to Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud to experience more of Chris Salans’ personal touches.



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