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Ah, February… the month of romance and expressions of love, or so they say. Gear up and prepare yourself as we bring you and your loved one to the most romantic spots in Bali. Spend your time with him or her, taking in Bali’s beautiful natural wonders; the perfect places to express your deep feelings of love and affection. For those of you without dates this month, worry not. Cupid, that rosy-cheeked cherub hovering above us, has his tiny bow and arrow poised at the ready for any wandering souls in search of true love on the Island of the Gods.

Tanah Lot Temple

WTG - Tanah Lot Temple (1)

As one of the most popular places of interest in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple without a doubt serves up a sweet sunset. Located on the coast of West Bali in the Tabanan Regency, the temple is uniquely placed upon a rock formation that stands away from the coast, which makes it appear to be floating on the water during high tide. There has been a surprising amount of debate and discussion about the myth that if you watch the scenic sunset with your lover in this temple, your relationship won’t survive more than 1 more year. Will you take the chance? However, superstition aside, with such a majestic view at hand, it would be a shame not to share it with someone special.

Beraban Village, Tabanan Regency

Mount Batur

WTG - Mt Batur (4)

Another gorgeous sunrise experience! Catch the sunrise with your lover from atop of the active volcano of Mount Batur. Having the sky light up in bright red and seeing the brightening world changing colour in front of you, high above Bali. From the top of the volcano you can also see the crystal clear waters of Lake Batur below. The spectacular scenery, together with the bonding trek up, will surely make for a special experience with your loved one.

Jalan Raya Penelokan, Desa Kintamani, Bangli Regency

Tegallalang Rice Terrace

WTG - Tegallalang rice terrace (1)

Imagine yourself watching the morning fog rise over the rice fields. You can hear birds chirping among the trees around you. Your lover takes you by the hand, while you breathe in the fresh mountain air. Sounds refreshing doesn’t it? The island of Bali has so many stunning rice fields, and one of them is located in Tegallalang, Ubud. Despite being one the most popular photo session spots, Tegallalang rice terrace still manages to keep its beauty and has become a frequent spot for people to say, “I do”. A short walk amongst the rice terraces is a feast for the senses.

Tegallalang village, North Ubud, Gianyar Regency

Gitgit Waterfall

WTG - Gitgit waterfall (3)

Who doesn’t like waterfalls? Water spilling over rocks from anything more than a few feet seems to enchant just about everyone. Waterfalls have long been synonymous with romance. You have probably already heard about Gitgit Waterfall in Buleleng regency, the north of Bali. The sight of this tall, roaring waterfall can be overwhelming as you take in the gush of uninterrupted water pouring against the steep cascading rocks. Surrounded by tropical trees and a lush green environment, this natural beauty has its own charm that will certainly dazzle you. Just close your eyes for a moment, hear the wind that keeps blowing through the trees along the sound of singing birds and hooting monkeys of the forest, and hold your loved one close.

Gitgit village, Sukasada, Buleleng regency

Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest

Located on the south side of the Ngurah Rai Bypass road, the Mangrove Forest is another little romantic getaway you can experience. No, you won’t have to trudge through dirty mud to enjoy the spots in this watery forest, as an elevated wooden path is provided to enter most of the area. Take your loved one for a quiet stroll along this old pier, deep into this little jungle, and see the sunshine peeping through the leaves of the mangroves. Bask in the serene silence and enjoy the greenery of the mangroves. The hot island air cools down in the shade here too. This is a beautiful experience one usually sees on National Geographic, and yet you can experience it yourself. A little reminder, remember to keep this ecological area clean, so please put your rubbish in the places provided.

Bypass Ngurah Rai, Km 21, Daur Puri Kangin, South Kuta

Tukad Unda Waterfall

Tukad Unda

This man made waterfall turns out to be quite an attractive venue for couples. Located 25 km from Ubud, at Lebah Banjar village in Klungkung, Tukad Unda Waterfall, which is actually a cascading dam, is famous for pre-wedding photo shots. You and your lover can stand in a flat area under the waterfall and the cascading waters behind you make for a beautiful shot! To add to the beauty, curtains of the water behind you will overlap and create several layers of breathtaking views of crystal clear water terraces. This may not be a natural waterfall like the ones in the forest, but having a beautiful photograph taken with your loved one to take home is bound to be a great memory for the future!

Tukad Unda Village, Klungkung Regency

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

An uncrowded beach is indeed the key to a romantic getaway. Balangan, a white sandy beach with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, is located in Ungasan Village, south Kuta District. You may want to ask the locals to show you the secret access to the more secluded parts of the beach. It has an irresistible charm, and the silky, white sand, no doubt, has a whole lot to do with that. Peace and quiet, with the gentle roll of the waves – what else do you need? Talking about the future while holding your lover’s hand is something you don’t want to spoil. Be sure you leave the beach before 8pm, or otherwise the high tide will trap you until the next morning. That just might ruin your romance a little!

Jalan Pantai Balangan, Unggasan Village,
Badung Regency

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Now it’s time to settle down, perch yourself upon the famous Jimbaran Beach. Shoes off and sand between toes, you and your lover can enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean caressing the shore. There are many places to dine along this gorgeous stretch, from the bustling seafood joints upon the beach to the finer picks of Sundara Restaurant. Either way, with the soft light from the candle on the dining table, and some easy-listening background music, it’s a great spot watch the sun go down together. The ocean glows luminous turquoise and one by one the last rays of the day’s sunshine disappears below the horizon. Whilst your meal is being prepared, you can stroll along the shore. Take your lover’s hand, and dip your feet into the lapping waves, and take in every second you have together.

Jalan Pantai Jimbaran Beach, Jimbaran Village, Badung Regency

Bukit Asah Bugbug

Bukit Asah Bug Bug

This is a perfect place for those who are seeking a silent and a peaceful scene. Green hills with an exotic expanse of blue sea is something that Bukit Asah Bugbug offers; complete with surrounding ornate high cliffs, that look so beautiful framing the coast below. The blowing cool breeze adds that sense of tranquility whilst you are here, listening to the crash of the ocean waves. This little spot in the village Bugbug, Karangasem, is quite hidden. The atmosphere is still fairly quiet as, to be honest, not many people know how to find the place! This makes it a great escape for those who want to retreat from the hectic buzz of city life. As it is found on the east coast, sunrises here are beautiful.

Bukit Asah, Bugbug Village, Karangasem Regency

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