Mason Elephant Park Awarded for Animal Welfare & Conservation

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Mason Elephant Park & Lodge in Taro, Ubud, received a Gold Certification from the Asian Captive Elephants Standards (ACES), effectively recognising the park’s commitment to the welfare and conservation of their Sumatran elephants. 

Mason Elephant Park Bali - Ubud 2
Photo by NOW! Bali Magazine

ACES is an independent animal welfare enterprise providing elephant parks with the methodology, guidance, and on-site support needed to ensure captive elephants receive the highest level of welfare possible.

There are 119 mandatory criteria to pass – ranging from shelter to vet care, diet, socialisation, training and more – which are heavily assessed and audited. After 2 years of working closely with ACES, the Mason Adventures team finally fulfilled 100% of the mandatory criteria and 90% of the strict advanced criteria. 

Mason Elephant Park Bali - Ubud 2
Photo by NOW! Bali Magazine

Mason Adventures founder, Nigel Mason, first rescued displaced, critically-endangered Sumatran elephants back in 1997.

With only 800 Sumatran elephants left in the wild – a population said to become extinct in the next 10 years – camps have become crucial to the species’ survival. However, with so many other Asian elephant camps mistreating and even brutalising their elephants, the Mason park was often associated with similar actions.

That’s why this ACES certification is such a huge milestone for the park and for the Mason family, so that guests can recognise the good work the park is doing for the species.

Today, a healthy herd of 32 elephants reside in the park, with 5 babies being born at the park as part of a natural breeding program. Go to to find out more about ACES. 

Mason Elephant Park & Lodge
Jalan Elephant Park, Taro Village, Ubud
+62 361 721 480 

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