Loving Yourself: Bali’s Healthy Food Destinations

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You cannot consider yourself a healthy food consumer by staying thin and depriving yourself of the foods you love. It is actually about feeling great about your overall body, having more energy, improving your health, and stabilising your mood. Fat doesn’t sound very attractive to some people, but in the right amount, it does wonders for your body. It grows healthy cells, makes your skin glow and increases nerve activity.

The common perception about eating healthy is to consume green leafy stuff with vitamins and minimal carbohydrates. Even though we wish it to be otherwise, research proved that vast amounts of fruits and vegetables for your meal are essential for body activity on the cell level. Hanging out more often with people who share the same goal of healthy eating also helps to control your diet.


Alchemy Bali

In Ubud, Alchemy Bali is a place of transformation for those with passions for live food, green juice and raw chocolate. They stock all that you desire to stay healthy with superfoods, fresh organic products, organic juices, delicious raw salads, home-made snacks, raw desserts and chocolates. Everything is locally sourced and organic.

Alchemy Bali
Telephone : +62 361 971981
Website : www.alchemybali.com



Around the area, KAFE has been serving a wide variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan food options for more than 10 years. This lively, wholesome food café is mixing Ubud’s tropical laid-back vibes with an original New York bistro. On the menu, they believe in using 100% natural, organic and local ingredients. From wholesome breakfasts, super-smoothies and vegetarian food to vegan and gluten-free selections, they are all chemical-free.

Address : Jalan Hanoman 44 B, Ubud
Telephone : +62 811 1793455
Website : www.kafe-bali.com


Avocado Cafe

Down far in Canggu, Avocado Café also specialises in fresh and organic food. Offering vegan to paleo-friendly options, every dish is arranged with a purpose and focus to nourish your body. The vegetables and fruits are mixed in order for your body to absorb more vitamins in the best way possible. For sweet lovers, their desserts and snacks are homemade, and all of them are gluten/sugar/lactose-free or vegan.

Avocado Café

Address : Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong 69 B, Canggu
Telephone : +62 811 3999411
Website : www.avocadocafebali.com



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