The Dubai-based BDC Holdings has now embarked on a joyous new culinary journey from the Far East. The group has brought their newly developed inspirational Indian Cuisine Restaurant concept to the island of the gods as Spice Mantraa Opens in Bali! This first Spice Mantraa Indian Restaurant is set to be a new icon in the prime tourist hotspot of Jl. Kartika in Kuta, opposite the popular Discovery Shopping Centre.


Bali is chosen as the launch destination for Spice Mantraa as it compliments the global appeal and clientele this concept aims to cater to. The restaurant will be a tourist’s haven that provides the right mix for world class vacationers seeking a casual dining experience that satisfies the palette and offers a relaxing ambience.

The genesis of BDC Hospitality’s home grown concept, Spice Mantraa was inspired by the need to showcase the timeless allure of Indian cuisine and present it in the universal context. It promises to take the diner on a culinary journey of classic Indian fare with a contemporary global twist. This combined with the casual, relaxing ambience and legendary Indian hospitality is all part of the delightful blend that is the highlight of the ‘Spice Mantraa experience’.


Spice Mantraa offers an eclectic menu which is inspired by authentic, age old and popular recipes from the length and breadth of India’s diverse culinary canvas spanning Kashmir in the North to the coasts of Kerala in the South and the hamlets of Gujarat in the West to the pristine hills of Arunachal Pradesh in the East. The classics are presented as a series of invocations, mantras that, coupled with the playfulness of molecular gastronomy and avant-garde cuisine, create dishes that will delight the diner with their complexity and wittiness. Spice Mantraa is this alchemy of tastes, reinvented for the modern gourmet by a team of four ambitious and creative chefs from different parts of India.


Now that this first Spice Mantraa Indian Restaurant opens in Bali, the immediate future will see the chain welcoming discerning diners in some of the world’s most popular cities, namely Singapore, Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Mumbai in the first phase of its global rollout plans. Keep your eye out and your stomach’s empty!

Spice Mantraa
A : Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta (opposite Discovery Shopping Mall)
T : +62 812 469 256 74
W :



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