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When you put aside vodka or gin from your cocktail, that’s where arak comes in. This traditional beverage has a distinct anise flavour to keep you cool as you watch the sunset or enjoy the evening from your daybed under a thatched roof. Now, shake or strain, pour it in a cocktail glass or build it over ice in a rocks glass, it’s all your choice!

Tree bar

Theme - WTG - Cocktails - Tree Bar - Ginger N Rose

Local spirit infusions at Indigo are made from traditionally distilled palm or rice wine that is perfectly infused with Balinese fruits and herbs. Featuring Made’s Punch, adapted from a-300-year-old cocktail recipe called Milk Punch. Served in a Jakobsen pipe glass this cocktail is combining Nusa Cana rum, Arak, Bulleit Bourbon whiskey, Rosso vermouth, papaya, mango, pineapple, lemon, orange, rosella, palm sugar, Balinese spices and milk. Alternatively, you can go for another type also served in a unique Jakobsen glass. Ginger n Rose is a stirred Balinese cocktail for a local infusion metamorphosis, mixing ginger infused Arak Bali, fresh rosemary, ‘Tree Bar’s Garden Butterfly Pea infused water with a touch of lemon and home-made ginger syrup.

Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach
Address : Jalan Camplung Tanduk 10, Seminyak
Telephone : +62 361 2099999
Website : www.seminyak.hotelindigo.com

Ginger Moon

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Ginger moon - Alcoholic ginger ale

To complement Ginger Moon’s cuisine, a creative list of locally-inspired cocktails is on offer. Arrack Pin Rosca is a combination of arak, white sugar, muddled pineapple and mint. All is shaken over crushed ices to make it super fresh to beat the heat of Bali. in case you need something stronger, try Alcoholic Ginger Ale. Basically, ginger and sugar already makes a one-note of ginger ale, but additional flavourings are a great way to add a little character into a drink. At Ginger Moon, this drink is mixing lemongrass with kaffir lime leaf infused arak and ginger bubbles to make a solid concoction.

Ginger Moon
Address : Jalan Laksmana 7, Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta
Telephone : +62 361 734533
Website : www.gingermoonbali.com

Meja Kitchen & Bar

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Meja KItchen & Bar

They say, “If you have never sipped on a Mojito, you don’t know what you are missing.” Balinese Mojito has been a classy and stylish drink for decades because of its refreshing and crisp flavour. There so many creations of this drink, as it is simple to make and super customisable. The Balinese Mojito at Meja Kitchen & Bar is using Arak Bali as the main ingredient, mixing up with brown sugar, kafir lime and kafir lime leaf for a personal touch. Resulting a perfect Balinese twist on the classic mojito, this drink complements the authentic dishes served at the restaurant and makes for a really refreshing cocktail experience for a lovely dinner treat.

Ize Hotel
Address : Jalan Kayu Aya 68, Seminyak
Telephone : +62 361 8466997
Website : www.mejabali.com

Karma Beach Bali

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Karma - green cocktail2 (1)

The Green Cocktail at Karma Beach Bali will show you that, when it comes down to tropical drinks, the simple banana can taste just as exotic as the more elusive coconut and pineapple. The character of rum or vodka gives depth to this liqueur, but in this case the mixologist is using Arak to be mixed with banana liqueur and lime juice. To add the sweetness, you may need to pour sugar syrup on it. Honey or brown sugar can be used, but you will need to use less and adjust to taste. To make an appealing look, put a garnish mint leaf and lemon grass stick on it. And, there you go, sip on!

Karma Kandara Bali
Address : Jalan Villa Kandara, Ungasan, South Kuta
Telephone : +62 361 8482200
Website : www.karmagroup.com/karma-beach/

Akademi Bar

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Akademi Bar - NUSA DAIQUIRI

Focusing on the exploration of Indonesia’s fine tropical offerings, this bar houses a vast range of infused locally produced arak. This Balinese traditional spirit is made from coconut, rice and sugarcane infused with the best produce in Bali such as snake fruit, pineapple, rambutan, rosella, honey, strawberry and many more. An award-winning mixologist, Dre Masso, is behind the bar creating all classic cocktails with a mix of infused arak in the recipe. Featuring Nusa Daiquiri, a solid combination of spiced rum, orange arak, lemongrass shrub, light rum, citrus juice and 2 dashes of tropical bitters, shaken and double strained. Served in a ceramic cocktail glass, and sip on!

Katamama Hotel
Address : Jalan Petitenget 51B, Seminyak
Telephone : +62 361 3029940 / 4737979
Website : www.akademi-bar.com

Poppies Restaurant

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Poppies - Arak Attack

For over four decades, this place has welcomed the night owls from all over the world with authentic Indonesian dishes. Surrounded with gardens, a Balinese cocktail is perfect to be served alongside your meals. Highlighting Arak Madu, a ‘poor man’s Margarita’ with a mix of arak, honey and lemon. You can start by pouring several shots of arak and then squeeze fresh lemon into it before stirring in a teaspoon of honey. If you need stronger flavours, you can add more lemon or honey to get the balance you like. Alternatively, you can mix arak and lemon with orange juice and 7UP, then you’ll get Arak Attack!

Poppies Restaurant
Address : Jalan Legian, Poppies Lane 1/19, Kuta
Telephone : +62 361 751059
Website : www.poppiesbali.com

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - ANantara Uluwatu - Coconut Rum

Smooth the transition from day to night at Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort with Strawberry Infused Arak with lime. The lime makes the water taste so refreshing and light, while the strawberries will add a tiny touch of natural sweetness to your drink. If you are keen for a stronger hint of sweetness, just mush some strawberries up before pouring in your water. Sip it as the sun goes down while soaking in the best panorama of Indian Ocean. You can also try other creations from Anantara Uluwatu’s mixologists, Coconut Rum with Blueberry Infused Arak and Arak Grape Mojito with mint. These appealing Arak Cocktails will jazz up the rest of your night!

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort
Address : Jalan Pemutih, Labuan Sait, Uluwatu
Telephone : +62 361 8957555
Website : www.bali-uluwatu.anantara.com

Kakatua Tropic Lounge

Theme - WTG - Cocktail - Kakatua (4)

After spending a long walk at Seminyak Beach, a glass of Ticojito at Kakatua will boost your mood and prepare you for Seminyak’s nightlife. The refreshing mint, tangy lime and creamy sweet coco-nutty goodness is a perfect blend for one another. Those ingredients get along nicely with Arak Bali and sugar soda water. For extra minty flavour, you can simply throw a few mint leaves at the bottom of the glass before pouring Arak Bali, and let it sit for about 5 minutes. It really boosts the mint flavour, making the drink more refreshing. Now, close your eyes when you take the first sip, and be transported back to Seminyak beach with turquoise blue waters and palm trees swaying in the light breeze. This is the next best thing to a tropical vacation.

Tijili Seminyak
Address : Jalan Drupadi 9, Seminyak
Telephone : +62 361 4741888
Website : www.tijili-hotel.com



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