Rather than worry about following a fad diet, think about your health and lifestyle instead. You can start by learning which foods are good for you. Just remember that the closer a food is to its natural state, the better it is for you – or so the experts say.

Organic foods are growing in popularity as people are becoming more aware of the impact that their food choices have not only on their personal health, but also on the environment. For a long time, organic food can only be found at natural food stores and farmer’s markets, for the most part. Today, more and more restaurants have chosen to offer organic foods due to public demand, so that it is now almost commonplace.

This has inspired Grand Nikko Bali to put a few positive changes to its restaurants’ menus. The resort’s F&B team has come up with a healthy menu concept with a special emphasis on wholesome food for those who consciously want to start eating well at the resort’s The Shore beachfront restaurant. Executive Chef, Attila Kormoczi, is the man behind this health drive and it is inspired by his passion for sport and leading a balanced lifestyle. By drawing on his own experience of cooking and eating nutritional food, Chef Kormoczi wants to encourage others to think more carefully about what they consume, even when away on holiday. As a result, he has developed a full-flavoured selection of healthy dishes that enhances the existing menu at The Shore Restaurant and Bar.

The Shore has been applying the magnificent hydroponic plantation for the restaurant’s vegetables such as Salanova lettuce, a name that stands for fresh, flavoursome, crunchy and for extreme convenience. Just one cut and the lettuce separates into numerous small, ready-to-eat leaves. With just one cut at the base, Salanova lettuce separates into tasty, ready to eat, evenly proportioned, baby-sized leaves. Compared with regular lettuce, Salanova leaves are not only smaller, but there are also many more of them. Salanova gives 3 times more leaves than other lettuce. This offers tremendous advantages for everyone involved in the vegetable chain, including processors, retailers, and ultimately, the consumer.

Poached Red Snapper at The Shore_1Poached Red Snapper at The Shore

Balanced meals have now taken over the dinner menu at The Shore, but attention is still paid to great flavours and impeccable plating to meet the five-star resort’s standards. Food creations at The Shore such as the “yellow fin tuna tartare” (cucumber radish salad, wasabi cream, red viened sorrel, salmon roe), “poached red snapper” (pok choy, shiitake, snow peas, coriander, chili, coconut lemongrass foam), and “cinnamon brownie caramel” (with pineapple vanilla dice) are true palate pleasers.

Cinnamon Brownie Caramel at The Shore
Cinnamon Brownie Caramel at The Shore

At Double-Six Hotel in Seminyak, Lagoon Bar is a venue synonymous to that sexy tropical relaxation holiday every visitor to Bali dreams about. This is why it comes as a surprise for many that the bar, nestled into the meandering 120-meter pool and Double Six Beach, offers quite a number of healthy, balanced concoctions and liquid superfood on its beverage menu.

From the list, you can choose from the “Super Bagus Breakfast Smoothie” (house made granola and cashew milk with yogurt, papaya and honey, blended with Mesquite Powder to give you blood sugar balance and a load of beneficial minerals), “Golden Monkey” (mango and banana with delicious organic yogurt, sweet honey and ground lucama root which is a great source of iron, fiber, beta-carotene, B3 and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities), and “Goodness from the Earth” (beets, carrot, ginger, tumeric, honey and lime).

Super Bagus Breakfast Smoothie at Lagoon Bar_1Super Bagus Breakfast Smoothie at Lagoon Bar

Certainly, one place that advocates a holistic approach even to its food is Fivelements. The renowned retreat institution applies the principles of allowing the mind, body and spirit to heal organically, as nature intended. When it comes to their food, these very same principles are applied. Diners at Fivelements sit al fresco surrounded by the intricate natural bamboo structure; the very design of the Fivelements Sakti Dining Room portrays so accurately the core values of the retreat. Centred on plant-based, sun-produced, ingredients, the menu aims to showcase food that cleanse, nurture and heal our bodies. Fivelements encourages people to eat uncooked, fresh, vegan produce to provide the body with an abundance of vital life force nutrients and living enzymes. Through such a diet, our bodies are able to detox and heal degenerative conditions that come from poor diets of modern day life.

Fivelements- FoodFivelements

The food at the Sakti Dining Room is both healthy and delicious. Although vegan, everything is made to please a variety of palates; in fact the retreat won ‘Spa Cuisine Of The Year’ in the Asia Spa Awards 2014. Their chef’s speciality tasting lunches and dinners are a great way to savour the different creations of the restaurant, available in 3, 5 and 7-course menus. Visit Fivelements resort and treat your body to healing culinary experience.

Back in Seminyak, Earth Café & Market is a haven for vegan foodies in Bali, or just anyone looking for a healthy dining experience! The focus of their menu is to provide homemade, tasty vegetarian food – whether you’re vegetarian or not.

The dishes at Down To Earth have been made with in-depth nutritional understanding, based on macrobiotic principles (healthy grains with local vegetables, avoiding processed and refined foods). They provide wheat-free, raw, and gluten free options for those with strict personal diets too. Foods on offer range from salads to soups, curries, pastas, sharing platters and more – so whether you’re after a buckwheat pancake for breakfast, or a lunchtime quinoa coconut curry, Down To Earth has it ready. The restaurant also houses a ‘conscious living’ market, selling health products from coconut oil, to organic coffee, organic cosmetics and more.

Moving up to Batu Belig, Watercress Café by day and Watercress Malam by night, is a popular little locale buzzing for all the right reasons. The venue has made our list due to their commitment to fresh produce. They don’t tie themselves down to dietary expectations and trends; what they offer is unpretentious, wholesome goodness! From colourful salads to bursting burgers, each plate is filled with a range of fresh ingredients that will leave you more than satisfied.


Perhaps the most famous thing about Watercress is their lunch showcase. An array of crisp salads, quiches, lasagnes and more are spread out in traditional “warung” style for you to just pick and point at! What’s more, they also serve the delicious ‘Revolver Coffee’ blend if you’re in need of a quality caffeine-fix.

The Shore at Grand Nikko Bali
Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Nusa Dua
Phone: 0361 77 33 77

Lagoon Bar at Double-Six Hotel
Double Six Beach No.66, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 730 466

Puri Ahimsa, Banjar Baturning, Mambal
Phone: 0361 469 260

Earth Café & Market/Down To Earth
Jalan Laksamana, No.99, Seminyak
Phone: 0361 736645

Jalan Batu Belig, 21a, Kerobokan
Phone: 0851 02808030

Text By Namhar Hernanto & Edward Speirs




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