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In the last issue I celebrated my 45 years being in the hospitality business and how I still like it. This month is also a celebration as I have been contributing to the wine column of NOW!Bali Magazine for 5 years. It started all in September 2012 with my first article for the magazine, which was titled “Getting to know The Wines”

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Since then I have written a lot on the subject of wine, wine areas, wine trips, wine history, wine poesy and much more. You really can say that my Inner Voice has revealed the secrets and insight into how to love wine, whilst also sharing with you my wine poetries, which I have been writing now for over 9 years whilst at the St. Regis Resort. The Inner Voice column actually started with my wine menus, which I have created since 2009 for all wine and dine events held at the St. Regis Resort and most of the wine and dine events held at the Arwana Restaurant in the Laguna Resort and Spa. The Inner Voice is in a way, my own opinions of a particular wine in include on my menus, in only one or two sentences. They led me actually to the idea of wine poetry, which I write for each wine and dine event. Also, I write my articles in such a style that helps the reader hear my inner voice. I always say that it is very German in character “to go to the heart of the subject“ in quite a fast manner. Nevertheless, I write Inner Voice descriptions to present the souls and characters of the wines too. Please see some examples below.

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Here is an example how my Inner Voice talks about the person behind the wine.

My Inner Voice – Barbaresco, Angelo Gaja, Piemont, Italy 2006

I believe that with Angelo Gaja, the Barbaresco became more known to the world than the Barolo. If there is a success story to tell about wines, ask Angelo Gaja about his Barbaresco. H.W.

Chateau Angelus Grand Cru Classe A

Here is an example how I predicted the future of a wine and it became the truth in the year 2014.

My Inner Voice – Château Angélus Premier Grand Cru Classé B, Saint-Émilion 2006

You are still young but you like to shine like a Grand Cru Classé A and my inner soul says yes, yes go ahead and strike the non-believers with blindness, Château Angélus. H. W.

walter allegrini

Here is an example of how I picture a wine in my mind.

My Inner Voice – W Dedicato A Walter IGT, Poggio Al Tesoro Allegrini Estate, Bolgheri, Tuscany 2007

If I close my eyes I can see the beauty dancing like in Swan Lake (Nina Ananiashvili), graciously lying over my palate with a desire to to keep her for ever. H. W.


Here is an example of how wine is connected to history, here, to the Second World War.

My Inner Voice – Kim Crawford SP Spitfire, Auckland, Marlborough, New Zealand 2008

Powerful and excitable in his elegant way, ones entered into the caves of palates. A wine which does fight for a new New Zealand image, like that of the Spitfire plane. H.W.

However, the highlight of the “My Inner Voice” writings is the publishing of my book, a collection of the things I wrote, where I try to express the whole ambience of being in a wine and dine event over the last 3 years.

It is called

“The Inner Voice of a Sommelier in Bali”

In the back of the book says:

This book celebrates the St. Regis Bali Resort’s Kayuputi Restaurant and its unique Wine and Dine Events. The author, a sommelier, gives us an inside look at his inner voice, letting us know through his writing and wine poetry, that these wine and dine events not only have courses for the palate, nose and eye but also for the mind. Furthermore, the book illustrates all elements of the wine and dine menus created for each event and demonstrates how they can be for all events of this kind. Also shown are some of the best food dishes created by the great chefs of the St. Regis Bali Resort. The book reflects the people behind the scene and their love for what they do. Through this book you will be able to indulge in something unique and new which reflects the St. Regis Bali Resort of today.

There are also praises of famous people from wineries like the one below which was written by . Ms. Gaia Gaja.

“Dear Harald,
Thank you for being so passionate, genuine, creative and for caring so much in what you do. Everything becomes wonderfully valuable in your hands. I appreciate your care in working with my family and wines and I framed the poetry in my office as a memory of a great time and as an everyday great example.

Thank you

Gaia Gaja”
Hopefully it will be released one day and you can then see with your own eyes how much a Menu and its wines do gain by personal words written for this event you came to. Now I hope that I will stay for another 5 years with the NOW!Bali team and write more about wine for you!

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