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As Bali develops its spa industry to include aesthetic, medical and rejuvenation therapies on regular spa menus, we take a look at why this new development is so successful and some of the treatments that are being offered at the new style spa therapies.

Text by Sarah Prewitt

As Bali develops its spa industry to include aesthetic, medical and rejuvenation therapies on regular spa menus, we take a look at why this new development is so successful and some of the treatments that are being offered at the new style spa therapies.

Not yet excessive the growth of the anti-ageing, youth reclaiming market has been steadily expanding from the more discreet health and wellness locations into the full on flashy boutique spa salons that now dot the Sunset Road and Jalan Dewi Sri area of Legian and in the Discovery Mall.

While the new spas cater to the ageing demographic of tourists and the availability of luxurious villas in which to recover, it is also the cost of the out-patient/day patient treatments provided that make the combination of treatment and recovery time attractive to the consumers and practitioners who, according to research, are coming in increasing numbers from Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. How easy must it be to undergo some form of aesthetic rejuvenation therapy in Bali and return to the acclaim of friends and family to say a good holiday was all it took!

This is a perfect time for the therapeutic industry to emerge in Bali, as the increase in tourism impacts on the external beauty of the island, traffic jams and polluted oceans, the benefits to staying in one place and concentrating on another kind of beauty will still contribute to the economy. And, as a new market the level of care and attention is very high, the market is competitive both on and off the island, so each individual business is invested in bringing its clients only the very best.

Now, what of these treatments…

There is a tempting array of minor to major changes of a cosmetic ‘non-invasive’ kind that can truly have a positive effect on the person electing to be rejuvenated.

These range from Botox and dermal fillers that can be temporary or permanent, laser treatments that can work to brighten pigmented skin, reduce wrinkles and resurface the skin texture. Treatments like Botox and AFT Laser can be administered in short sessions and require no recovering time, whereas fruit peels and microdermabrasion treatments need a little cool down time. More innovative treatments, for example, HGH and PRP, should be taken after consultation with the accredited medical aesthetician. HGH uses human growth hormones to replenish youthful energy and increase more than cosmetic changes whereas the PRP uses your own blood to boost the formation of collagen in the face and additionally promotes hair growth. When the PRP is used with micro needling the reduction of fine lines becomes even more refined.

Many aesthetic clinics offer a variety of contour and reduction therapies that sculpt with laser or injection that includes the increasingly popular injectable Mesotherapy that removes pockets of unwanted fat from abdomen, thigh and arms. 

Threading lifts are surgical alternatives to full face lifts and designed to firm up sagging by threading fibers into the sub-dermal skin. Some clinics offer a pure gold threading, while other use threads made of clear polypropylene, these threads are non-absorbable and are inserted through small incisions made above the hairline, the barb-covered threads tighten and lift sagging skin for a more youthful-looking appearance. The threading procedure is particularly recommended for areas around the cheek, jaw and jowl as the threads stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts in response to the presence of a foreign substance, like the building of tissue around a scar. Collagen sleeves are then formed along these implanted gold wires. As the skin goes through rejuvenation, new tissue formations stimulate and increase metabolism and blood flow to treated areas.

Other treatments, including ‘invasive’ surgeries like nose jobs or more accurately rhinoplasty, breast reduction or enlargement as well as liposuction, skin cancer and mole removal do require recovery time. Permanent hair removal and the treatment of surface veins need more than one visit, and should be carefully planned. It is also important to remember that many procedures require protection from sunlight, so be prepared if you are undertaking treatment that you may have to sacrifice sunshine and the poolside in preference to a shady spot under a wide brimmed hat.

Aesthetic clinics will give thorough pre-procedure consultations and here in Bali go to great lengths to explain the procedures and recovery times. This is part of the benefit of this new addition to the health and wellness spa offerings, clinics like Rejuvie, ARC, Cocoon and Soliel have very high reputations to maintain, and when your clients are less likely to tell everyone exactly how they look so much younger after their vacation it is important to deliver an excellent result.

The Sofitel, Nusa Dua Vietura’s recent opening serves to illustrate just how successful medi-spas are becoming, and while we at NOW! Bali believe that beauty comes from within it is food for thought to consider that a helping treatment or two can bring more than surface beauty. Most people who undergo minor aesthetic procedures experience a boost of confidence in their new-found radiance.!

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