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As someone who grew up enjoying the outdoors, bashing through forests, riding along quiet coastal roads and generally loving the adventure of discovery, I am a real enthusiast for kids finding things out for themselves. I think that too often the magic of simple adventure and discovery is overlooked in preference for manufactured and marketed ‘experiences’.

The Adventure of Discovery

Children, certainly my own children are masters of invention, imagination and creativity, the over-stimulation of and dependence on personal technology can drown out their natural instincts for all of this, especially if there is no balance. And where better to learn balance than on two wheels.

The bicycle is the best, not only do you get to learn basic mechanics, pedal power, physics, the theory of motion, gravity, what happens when you fall off, you get to go out and adventure about. Also you never grow out of it, bicycling is as good for adults as it is for kids and once you learn how to ride, you really never forget.

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Another great aspect of being a kid is the connection to nature, flowers, plants and animals. Each kid has a personal passion or fascination for some form of nature. Our home farm at Canggu Cooking Retreat has all sorts of opportunities to enhance a child’s fascination and engagement with the many animals that contribute to the farm and the opportunity to experience one of man’s greatest accomplishments, the ability to farm produce and transform it into amazing food.

Then there is the challenge, whether that is standing up for the first time on a surfboard or being the first one up a mountain to see the sunrise, challenges contribute to a child’s sense of self. It’s the experiences of frustration in failure and elation in success that is, in my totally humble opinion, the key to success later in life. Yes, fail by all means, but next time you try harder, and again and again until you find success. Sounds like the catering industry to me!

The Adventure of Doing

When we began to conceptualise our dream of having a home farm there were so many aspects that really connected me to my childhood, and also what I wanted for my own children. We wished to create somewhere essentially from where everything you needed to happen could happen, where you could relax, take a cooking class, wander in the gardens or get on a bike to the beach. In creating this I feel we are now able to offer every family a holiday of a lifetime and invite them to discover and delight in the culture of Bali that goes along with each of our activities.

The Adventure of Bali

Stacked with a never ending panorama of breathtaking sights Bali is the most compact destination in which to provide variety. Visitors to Bali are so fortunate in that fresh from a morning surf they could soon be exploring the alleyways and markets of local villages by bicycle before enjoying an specially prepared lunch by a Balinese chef and spending the afternoon winding through the rice fields to end up watching the sun dip into the ocean.


We are so fortunate to be partnered with Infinity Lifestyle Adventures, Sam who started the company has created excellent cycling activities for families, for adventurers and even extreme explorers. The most popular ride for families we offer is the Sanur Food and Pedals tour, the safety of boardwalk riding is particularly appealing for families with younger children, we can have chairs and baby seats fitted for the youngest members and for the adults we include a visit to a local ‘brem’ Balinese rice wine brewery just before getting you transported back.

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Exploring the Sindhu Traditional Markets with its heady aromas and early morning industry is a real treat which is, after some sampling of local foods, followed by a gentle guided ride through back roads to the boardwalk and views to the island’s majestic volcano Gunung Agung.

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If food is your family thing you are in good company, try our Denpasar Street Food tour one morning and the next take our Cooking Class and learn to make some of the things you have tried. The half day Street Food Tour drops you into the heart of Bali’s almost secret city, you won’t find too many tourists here. Experience the traditional foods and become caught up in the energy of the local trading day as bright fruits and flowers are hauled on heads from truck to stall and the chatter of hundreds of traders rings out in the street. Look for fabric shops and take a quick break in Bali’s oldest established coffee shop. Your guide will take good care of you, they will modify dishes for those who are vegetarian or who prefer less spice but without lowering the authentic experience.

Sporting Adventure

Stretch your limits for a day or two and join one of our more energetic activities.

For surfing experiences we have a lovely, professional surf instructor who has taught our kids to surf and he takes small groups to the beach daily to instruct on safe surfing for beginners and will guide groups of practiced surfers to some of the best breaks on the Canggu coast. Canggu is rightly famous for it’s surf and the contours of the beaches means there are breaks for beginners as well as proficient surfers.

Hiking Mount Batur is fantastic for young active kids, it’s not a hard climb, it is lengthy and well paced though and as a family we love to go up in the early hours so at sunrise we are standing on the crater cooking eggs and baking bananas in the pockets of steam while looking out over the “Morning of the Earth” . Truly a breathtaking experience and such a memorable achievement the first time.


Bali has so much natural magic to enjoy and at Canggu Cooking Retreat we weave that into every moment of your stay, all you need to do is relax and let us do the rest.

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As a chef and lover of beautiful cuisine, Will Meyrick has always been intoxicated by the spices, flavours and textures of South East Asian food. Will enjoys travelling throughout the region, finding and meeting real people in the ‘warungs’, who produce food that really expresses the heart of their cultures. These experiences have been the influence of his 5 highly successful restaurants in Bali: Sarong, Mama San, Hujan LocaleTiger Palm and Som Chai. He recently opened Canggu Cooking Retreat, where he has brought the rural elegance of an urban farm to Bali for an authentic and enriching culinary experience.



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