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Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean Up

Bali's Biggest Beach Clean Up


Sat, 24 Feb 2018 @07:00 AM
Sat, 24 Feb 2018 @09:00 AM


Any Beach in Bali !

With the constant rains and floods, coupled with the poor waste management on the island, the beaches have become littered with rubbish washed ashore from the tides. The beaches are of course Bali’s favourite destinations and there are a group of people who want to keep these beaches clean, that’s why on Saturday, 24 February 2018, Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean Up has been organised – to clean up this mess (again)!

A Bali-based NGO estimates that 5,000 tons of trash is dumped daily on the island, most of which is washed into waterways by the daily rains and carried into the sea. The waves promptly deliver the material onto the beach, and the miserable cycle begins anew.

In response, the One Island One Voice team have rallied schools, organisations, companies, hotels and now you , the public, to take part in this incredibly ambitious social campaign they are calling “One Island, One Voice”, or “Satu Pulau, Satu Suara” in Indonesian.

Melati Isabel Bye Bye Plastic Bags

‘One Island, One Voice’, shown by Isabel and Melati from Bye Bye Plastic Bags

How Can You Get Involved? 

So, on Saturday 24th February 2017, grab your friends and head to the closest beach to your house and get cleaning! Anyone and everyone is invited because the goal is to have the whole coastline of Bali cleaned up – and meanwhile create awareness for improving waste management on the island. Slowly the island has taken on the idea of ‘no plastic’, recognising the severe environmental effects it poses – especially to the fragile ecosystem of this island. But, it takes everyone to do their part. Remember, this is going to be Bali’s Biggest Beach Clean Up ever, so you’re going to be a part of the island’s history!

Last year’s clean up mobilized 12,000 people in 55 locations around Bali and collected 40 tons of waste in just one day. This year, we are expanding and carrying out island clean-up actions in all islands, all areas, including coastlines, rivers, villages and public spaces. This year must be bigger and better!

Sign Up and say that you’re taking part on their website, or feel free to donate to the cause too. All the information you need can be found at: http://www.oneislandonevoice.org/ .