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A Special Purnama Dinner featuring Ramael Scully of Scully St. James’s London



Fri, 19 Jul 2019 @06:30 PM
Fri, 19 Jul 2019 @10:00 PM


Salon Bali, Denpasar, Bali, 80361


+62 361 209 9999



The month of July welcomes a very special edition of Salon Bali’s monthly Purnama Dinner as they invite Chef Ramael Scully of Scully St. James’s Restaurant in London, to join forces with Executive Chef Nic Philip to present tantalising flavours from the Middle and the Far East.

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On Friday, 19 July 2019, embark on an epicurean journey as Salon Bali ― Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach’s signature dining destination ― presents a special edition of their popular monthly Purnama Dinner. The upcoming Purnama Dinner invites Chef Ramael Scully of Scully St. James’s Restaurant in London to collaborate with Salon Bali’s Executive Chef Nic Philip to present five tantalising dishes inspired by flavours of the Middle and the Far East served shared-style with snack and paired with innovative cocktails by mixologist Hary from Potato Head Bali’s Akademi Bar at Katamama Hotel.

Guaranteed to present fantastic offerings that will enlighten and please the curious palates of diners alike, this edition of Purnama Dinner will accentuate Salon Bali’s signature contemporary twist on authentic Indonesian cuisine, elevated with the magic touch of Chef Scully by utilising an array of ingredients from homemade spices, pickles and preserves, to oils, animal fats, dairy and sprouts. On the mixology corner, mixologist Hary will conjure five inspired cocktails which emphasize the use of locally-sourced botanical ingredients from the garden.

The Malaysian-born, Australian-raised Chef Ramael Scully grew up in Sydney and has a long list of experiences in his pocket. From working in the Middle East to Russia and Europe, he moved to Britain in 2004 and began working with the Ottolenghi team in 2005 at the outpost in Islington. He was appointed as Head Chef at Nopi when the restaurant opened in 2011, where he remained until 2017. Chef Scully jumped on his first solo venture when he opened his restaurant, Scully St. James’s London, back in March 2018, which quickly found nationwide success and recognition. A passionate and articulate ambassador of his cooking philosophy, Chef Scully always finds the time to present and demonstrate his creations to food connoisseurs.

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Mixologist Hary began his bartending career at a beach club in Kuta, Bali 8 years ago. Within a year later, his interest in the hospitality industry brought him to the steps of Potato Head Beach Club Bali. His passion and enthusiasm for the craft resulted in his first overseas employment when he was assigned to the group’s Singapore branch, Potato Head Singapore. Hary was also posted in Hong Kong for several months as part of the pre-opening team of Potato Head Hong Kong and, returning to the island, as part of the pre-opening team of Katamama Hotel, where he became a permanent addition, leading a team of brilliant mixologists until now.

Australian Chef Nic Philip has an extensive list of experiences in the world of luxury resorts in the Asia-Pacific region and at celebrated European dining destinations including London’s Michelin star Cove Club and Copenhagen’s famed Restaurant Taller. Chef Nic was also included in the Top Young Chefs of 2017 list in Singapore’s The Peak Magazine, and the Bali Bible’s Top 10 Chefs of Bali. At Salon Bali, Chef Nic brings a modern and innovative twist to Balinese cuisine, crafted using authentic Indonesian techniques and ingredients.

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Save the date and reserve your seats to witness Chef Nic and Chef Scully collaborate in the kitchen and experience the fantastic menu of authentic Balinese dishes meets Asian to Middle Eastern cuisine. The 5-course Purnama Dinner is priced at IDR 650,000++/person or with cocktail pairing for IDR 1,000,000++/person.

For more information and reservations please call +62 361 209 9999 or email [email protected]

Salon Bali
at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach
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+62 361 209 9999
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