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One of the important components that define an enjoyable trip while venturing this island is having good food with excellent views. Sometimes, food is one of the reasons travellers return back to this island for another extended stay. There is no doubt that the list of restaurants in Bali is never-ending. You can browse through the types of cuisine, the dining scenes, the views, the ratings, the locations, the pricing and many more. In this article, we will take you on a tour out-of-town for something different from the usual.

On the eastern side of the island, Standing Stones ( highlights an ensemble of towering megalithic stones in the typical black sands of the eastern Bali coastline. Remaining hidden inside The Royal Purnama Art Suites and Villas, this restaurant will give you a unique semi-alfresco dining experience of fresh home-style cooking with an impeccable service of the famous Balinese hospitality. On the menu, you can savour the delights of Indonesian cuisine blended with the western methods, as well as fine Balinese, Asian and continental dishes. You should consider a quiet, lazy afternoon at the restaurant’s infinity pool while enjoying the neighbouring islands from a clear distance. As for the food, the culinary team keeps it fresh from either their own backyard garden or the bountiful harvest of the surrounding plantations.

Standing Stones

Standing Stones

Driving 15 minutes north, inside Bali Safari & Marine Park, Tsavo Lion ( offers a unique adventure dining experience just a few metres away from the lions with only a thick glass wall separating you from these beasts. Carrying an African-theme, the interiors imitate a Kenyan lodge complete with the African music as well as brilliant lighting effects to give you a slight vibe of the African savanna. The fact that the lions are lying next to you as you feast on your meal offers a rare photo opportunity.

Tsavo Lion

Tsavo Lion

Not only does it allow you to have such a close encounter with real wildlife, the restaurant serves a variety of cuisine from around the globe. Their Crispy Duck is one of the favourites that marks the end of your adventurous dining. Crunchy and tasty, the duck is carefully and meticulously deep-fried to present that wonderfully crisp golden brown. In no time, you will have your fingers snatching at tempting meats, letting the dish dance across your palate with a symphony of flavours. If you are a seafood lover, Pan Seared Tasmanian Salmon with Mandarin Salsa is hard to resist. Pan-seared until the skin is crackling, this delicious piece of salmon is a winning bet when you are craving a seafood dinner.

Only 5 minutes from Tsavo Lion, you will find Jivva Beach Club ( nestled into a lush tropical landscape of a new resort on the island’s eastern coast, Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Bali. Meaning ‘soul’ in the Sanskrit language, this beach club is a beachfront leisure destination located on the sand of the stunning Lepang Beach, perfectly designed for pure blissful relaxation. Facing to a deep blue ocean with a solid silhouette of Nusa Penida as the backdrop, the club is divided into two different areas, an open-air indoor dining section for proper dining with chairs and tables and an alfresco area with cabanas, bean bags and a beach pool facing the sea.

Jivva Beach Club

Jivva Beach Club

On the menu, this elegant island-influenced restaurant offers the authentic tastes of Asia with a touch of International flavour. The strength of the menu lies in the use of only fresh local ingredients with a modern, visually pleasing presentation. They are served by the cheerful, knowledgeable and emotive beach club team. Try out their Jumbo Burger. This 250-gram Australian Wagyu beef with melted cheese, bacon, fried onion ring and fried egg is stacked upon a toasted dragon fruit bun. Alternatively, seafood fans can go for the Seafood Platter – a mix of Barramundi, tiger prawn, rock oyster and squid. All combined together with lemon butter sauce, wilted greens and parsley buttered rice. You can also opt for Jivva’s signature drinks and cocktails which is made of local fresh ingredients. On Fridays and Sundays, resident DJs will provide the soundtrack to the island’s night outs until 11 PM. For those into acoustic performances, come on Saturdays for Jivva Jam Session starting at 5 PM onward.

Driving 2 hours far north, The Damai Restaurant ( is a perfect destination for those looking for a peaceful getaway from the southern crowds. Not many are aware of their establishment, though this restaurant has been recognised as one of the regions finest for decades and a ‘must visit’ for gourmets lovers. Damai, meaning ‘peaceful’, this north Bali retreat is located in the jungle-clad hills behind Lovina Beach and overlooking the stunning Bali Sea. The restaurant design is classic luxury with handcrafted furniture, antiquities and local motifs. As for the dining area, you can enjoy a great dinner by candlelight around the pool or in the pleasant evening breeze in their restaurant pavilion, while watching the lights from the fishing boats on the sea below.

The Damai Restaurant 6

The Damai Restaurant

In terms of the food, the restaurant prepares new versions of classic Balinese dishes and western favourites with a tropical twist. All the herbs, fruits and vegetables are sourced directly from their own market garden, while the meats and shellfish come from their own boutique farm. One of their favourites is The Babi Damai, which is Bali’s traditional Babi Guling. This meal takes around two days to prepare, slowly cooked for nine hours, baked and chilled for two days to let the meat absorb all the flavours of the spices. Finish this meal under the stars with a cocktail by the pool fire. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

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