Bali has a multitude of ways to have hands-on fun at a farm – especially for families. That’s right, Agro-tourism is alive and well here on the island, becoming a more popular family activity, here in Bali it comes in a variety of flavours – from farm tours to and produce pickings.

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Some farms have turned to agro-tourism in recent years as a method of supplementing income and raising awareness about rural Bali. For example, nestled in approximately 4,000 square metres of land, Basanta Agro Organic has transformed into a centre of education and recreation.

The organic farm is home to many herbs and spices such as turmeric, ginger, ginseng, chilli, onion, garlic, mint, vanilla, galangal and other local herbs; the tropical fruits at the farm include pineapple, banana, papaya, passion fruit, noni fruits, pomelo, tangerine, and some Balinese native fruits such as boni (Bignay), lipas and sotong. The farm’s vegetable gardens are full with eggplant, carrot, tomato and much more. The garden’s borders are lined with coffee trees and shading cocoa trees.

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Entering Basanta Agro Organic, you and family will be greeted by sprawling rice fields. Following down a river-stone path, you will then approach the main gate where the coffee trees look out from inside, where colourful, bright and fresh organic gardens await.

The Organic Gardens Tour starts with a walk around a small path along an exuberant coffee plantation. First stop at The Kitchen Attraction, here you will witness a coffee roasting process in a traditional way – using a fireplace made of clay, and dried woods to set fire. Second stop is at the Nursery Shelf Area, where you will discover emerging sprouts and see the newborn plants as they begin their lives in the garden. Then you will walk through the Cultivation Area of the garden to spot the growing trees, fruits and veggies. Here you are actually allowed to pick the ripe fruits yourself, and taste the farmer’s bounty!

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The tour ends with a sweet welcome at the Serving Area in the Restaurant where you can indulge in the beautiful countryside scenery, smell the aroma of wet soil and looking out to a never ending line of trees and vegetation.

Basanta Agro Organic
Jalan Raya Jasan, Banjar Jasan, Sebatu, Tegalalang
+62 361 902 227



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