Denpasar – more than just an airport… Part 2

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2. Renon Square

If it should happen that you are bored on a Sunday afternoon, in or around Denpasar, or perhaps suffering from the post-thrills of a Saturday night, this amazing city still has its secret corners and fairly unknown sites if you’re some much-needed distraction. Maybe one of the best, closest and most peaceful sites to go to is Renon Square.

Denpasar - Renon Square

Despite what one thinks of Denpasar, Renon Square offers a different experience. Not unlike New York’s Central Park, Renon Square is a large public lawn in Bali’s administrative centre. With wide, boulevard-esque, tree-lined roads surrounding the park, it holds a quaint old charm to ‘modern’ Bali.

First and foremost, at the centre of this square centre is a huge monument, standing as reminder of when the Balinese people had to fight for their freedom. Inside the base of that mighty column, you will also find a museum, which is packed with documents and relicts of their struggles. Even the Denpasar traffic seems to have a break in the area and by the moment you enter this remarkable beautiful park, a peaceful and harmonic vibe will get you, no matter what you have gone through in the days before.

Denpasar - Renon Square

Renon is not just a huge green park in the centre of the city, its also the playground for several amateur football teams, the lawn on which children can get their first experiences in kiting and, last but definitely not least, a place where Denpasar’s local sport associations can have their annual big meetings.

Surrounded by many administrative buildings it all makes up a nice scenery and the darker it gets, the more lights are brighten up the area and giving the park a warm, cosy atmosphere – which is why you’ll see a few locals taking their dates out for a romantic stroll!

Denpasar - Renon Square

Anyway the Renon Square will be far from being crowded on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe altogether there are a few hundred people, but the soccer-guys are deep in their matches, the joggers will hardly notice you and the picnicking families are enjoying their time together, focusing on themselves. Some smaller kids are busy with flying kites, but that’s about it, that’s what’s happening on a classic Sunday in Renon Square. If you’re really lucky, you’ll come on a day when the local dog-lovers gather, where beautiful pedigrees big and small are brought together in their owners’ efforts to show off their prized pooch!

If you have been in or around Denpasar for some time already, the beauty and the size of Renon Square won’t surprise you; rather, it’s this strangely localized peaceful ambience that will catch you off – from Denpasar’s wild and whizzing streets to this centre of serenity. Denpasar surprises us once again.


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