Delectable Indonesian Flavours with Mandif Warokka at VIN+

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If you’re a lover of local, archipelagic flavours, as well as a lover of a wine-paired meal, save the date for the event Delectable Indonesian Flavours featuring the creations of the local celebrity Chef Mandif Warokka at VIN+ Seminyak Bali, held on Friday 30th September 2016.

Delectable Indonesian Flavours Mandiff Warokka VIN+

Indonesian food has certainly gone through a huge makeover in recent years as the country’s gastronomic scene continues to innovate and grow. Both Indonesian and foreign chefs based in Bali have seriously focused in on local delicacies, recipes and ingredients, adding their own twists and turns to the already exotic flavours.

From adjusting original recipes for fine dining experiences to creating fusion dishes of local ingredients mixed with Western styles and techniques. Yes, those after Indonesian fare can certainly take their pick nowadays from the vast range of innovative culinary creations that pays homage to the country they are from. One person perhaps most well known for such creative feats is Chef Mandif Warokka, made famous by his development of his restrautsn Teatro Gastroteque in Seminyak and Blanco Par Mandif in Ubud – along with recent openings.

Chef Mandif Warokka

It isn’t only chefs that wish to highlight local fare however, venues too have honed in on the rich cuisine of Indonesia. One venue in particular has focused their special dinner events on this chosen cuisine, the Seminyak wine hub known as VIN+.

For one special dinner event – Delectable Indonesian Flavours with Chef Mandif Warokka at VIN+ Bali – these two powerhouses have come together in synergy to create what will truly be a real treat for the island’s gastronomes.

VIN+ Bali Seminyak

VIN+ Bali Seminyak’s very own wine shop

Only teasers to Chef Mandif’s food menu have been revealed for the event on Friday 30th September. However, the delectable wine pairings for each course certainly speak of the standard diners are to expect. (Shown below).

At only IDR 750,000 per person, this incredible culinary journey is open for you to experience for yourself, as Mandif Warokka and VIN+ pay homage to the country they call home. Reserve a table now.

7.30pm, Friday, 30 September

VIN+ Seminyak Bali
Jalan Kayu Jati #1, Seminyak
+62 361 473 2377 OR [email protected]

Menu for Delectable Indonesian Flavours with Mandiff Warokka VIN+ :-

Delectable Indonesian Flavours Mandiff Warokka VIN+



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