This area is best known as the host of a Balinese Hindu temple that somewhat sails the ocean, and probably the most photographed place of interest on the island, Pura Tanah Lot. But if you explore the neighbouring villages, you will most likely be the only tourist there, surrounded by the friendly Balinese people living their true, unpretentious Balinese lives – you really have to get a taste of this.


If you’re coming from Canggu, and approaching Tanah Lot, entering any left-turn in this area will lead you to black-sandy beaches, which according to the Balinese have a very strong association with spiritual activities (i.e. ceremonies) in Bali. Anyway, through the narrow, bumpy roads behind the rice fields, you can visit these beaches that are all actually interconnected with each other. These beaches are given a different name in reference to the name of the village where they are associated with.DSC04970


To be honest, the beaches are nothing to shout about; yet, joining the villagers sitting in their ‘beachfront’ warung, talking to them, and gazing at the ocean is a lot of fun. The villages in this area such as Seseh, Cemegi, and Nyanyi are renowned for retaining the traditional Balinese lifestyle; thus, resulting in breathtaking natural, traditional surroundings. Harvesting season is probably the best time to go there, observing the farmers getting all busy yielding the harvests in the fields that, at around five in the afternoon, seem like wavy, golden oceans. Some sections of the rice fields are in different stages and it can be interesting to see the ripening crop next to a section of young shoots.

Sunset time is unquestionably magical in these villages – so it’s always wise to stick around and observe it from one of these villages.



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