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Sensatia Botanicals’ Vegan Fragrance Line Has Finally Arrived

What's On | Jan 14, 2021

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, Sensatia Botanicals is elevating your sensory experience with its first-ever vegan fragrance collection, complete with a genderless option. Free from animal cruelty and testing, the Elements Fragrance Collection was conceived with an all-natural formulation using selected plant extracts to achieve aromatic longevity and naturally enhance olfaction, or the sense […]

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Wave of Plastic Waste Returns to Bali Shores (And How We Can Stop It)

What's On | Jan 06, 2021

Bali’s famous Kuta beachfront was once again awash with marine debris, most of which was plastic, giving residents a harsh reminder of their environmental impact. Whilst this did not bode well for the new year in Bali, solutions do exist for this persistent ecological problem, which we share here. Skip to solutions A bad start […]

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Can Bali Become a Global Medical Tourism Destination?

What's On | Jan 05, 2021

Bali is already a world-renowned tourist destination, known as a tropical paradise thriving with its mixture of history, culture, natural beauty, lifestyle offerings and, in recent years, wellness opportunities. However, recent buzz suggests that the Balinese government are interested in exploring Bali’s potential as a medical tourism destination that can rival that of its neighbouring […]

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Komaneka Unveils Never-Before-Seen Artworks of Made Wianta at Memorial Exhibition

What's On | Jan 04, 2021

An exhibition commemorating the legacy of Made Wianta — one of Bali’s most revered contemporary artists who passed away recently — is officially open for public at Komaneka’s Keramas Beach gallery. ‘Remembering Made Wianta’ features personal collections of the maestro’s artworks, whilst unveiling his never-before-seen paintings that showcase new explorations of his social and cultural […]

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Indonesia Shuts Borders to All Foreigners Start of 2021 Amidst New Corona Virus Variant

What's On | Dec 29, 2020

Indonesia announced that it would be closing its borders from all international destinations, starting from 1 January to 14 January 2021. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi announced this news on 28 December, 2020, during an online press conference. All foreign citizens (WNA – warga negara asing) coming to Indonesia will be prevented entry as a […]

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‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ Opens Office Showcasing Bali’s Sustainable Solutions

What's On | Dec 19, 2020

On one of Bali’s quaint and rural roads leading to Seseh Beach, on the fringes of development, a plot of land catches the eyes of the locals and frequenting scooter-riding surfers. Five shipping containers are stacked beside and atop each other, standing on stilts above a garden in its early stages. Solar panels line the […]

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Buy 1 Get 1 Free: Plaga’s Nine Wine Wine Promo Returns!

Deals & Promotions | Dec 16, 2020

Celebrating the festive season wouldn’t be complete without a delicious bottle of wine (or more) stocked up in your cabinet, ready to be opened at any given moment! Plaga Wines’ ‘Nine Wine Wine’ promotion is back to make sure your year-end festivities won’t see a shortage of wine in your household! 2020 is coming to […]

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Jingle Bell Rock! Festive Family Fun at Hard Rock Hotel Bali this Christmas

Deals & Promotions | Dec 16, 2020

Christmas is upon us and this time of year is all about family. One destination famous for its family-fun is the Hard Rock Hotel Bali, found along the Kuta Beach stretch, and this season they’re inviting all parents and children to experience what this hotel has to offer for everyone, with a great stay deal […]

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Bali Provincial Government’s Last-Minute Holiday Regulations a Blow to Tourists and Industry

What's On | Dec 16, 2020

On 14 December 2020, the Bali Provincial Government posted their latest ‘Surat Edaran’ or Circular Letter, outlining the new rules they had set for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. The letter (Surat Edaran 2021 Tahun 2020) has since been received with both shock and anger as the last-minute regulations have a direct impact […]

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New Years Eve in Bali 2020 : Parties and Celebrations

Bali Festive Season | Dec 15, 2020

New Years Eve in Bali won’t be as big this year, but there’s definitely a reason to celebrate : saying goodbye to 2020! Luckily, hotels, restaurants and beach clubs are still putting together New Years parties and events, but they will, of course, be smaller in scale due to the pandemic. This list is constantly updated. […]

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