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Bali Groceries The Good Way: Eco-Friendly, Local, Delivered to Your Door

NOW! Bali Blog | Oct 05, 2020

The pandemic has modified a number of collective behaviours, one of them being our shopping habits. With online purchases practically a snap of a finger away, the majority of businesses have embraced the readily-available digital platforms to keep up and running. If like us, you’ve been supporting small businesses, the current economic struggle has opened […]

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Online Groceries in Bali : Deliver Goods to Your Doorstep

NOW! Bali Blog | Apr 01, 2020

In these uncertain times, braving crowded aisles of the supermarket may feel perilous. Though trips to the grocery store are still given the green light, taking advantage of online groceries in Bali will save you time and worry. Here are the best ways to get groceries, from fresh food to pantry snacks, delivered safely to […]

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NOW! Bali Guide to Travelling Sustainably

NOW! Bali Blog | Dec 23, 2019

If you love Bali, then as a visitor or even as a resident you can do your part to keep this island beautiful for years and years to come. Here’s our tips on how you can help! Bali is a paradise island, enjoyed by visitors from around the world for its pristine landscapes, from terraced […]

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Going Zero-Waste in Bali

NOW! Bali Blog | Nov 27, 2019

Are you looking to reduce your ecological footprint? Stop your current habit of waste? With the help of these bulk food stores in Bali, you’ll certainly be on your way… A while back, an Indomie wrapper from 19 years ago was found washed up on a beach in East Java; plastic bags were spotted in […]

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Economist Tracks Data to Show Mt.Agung’s Changing Moods

NOW! Bali Blog | Jul 12, 2019

An American economist living in Bali has used statistical analysis and data to find patterns in Mount Agung’s behaviour, in an effort to map out the volcano’s changing ‘moods’. – Story written and submitted by Ian Lloyd Neubauer A former advisor for the Indonesian Government and World Bank in Indonesia, Jackie Pomeroy began studying seismic and volcanic activity at Mount Agung when it reactivated in September of 2017 following after a half-century hiatus. She has also been sharing […]

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What’s New With NOW! Bali?

NOW! Bali Blog | Feb 04, 2019

NOW! Bali’s 10th anniversary marks an appropriate moment for us to reflect on the past as well as plan for the future. Here we share both a look a back at our roots as well as a glimpse into the exciting plans we have as an integral representatives of the island’s media industry.  Our Manifesto […]

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Direct Flights from London to Bali Made Available on Garuda Indonesia

NOW! Bali Blog | Jan 31, 2019

Beginning on 22 January 2019, national airline Garuda Indonesia has begun direct flights from London to Bali. Garuda has previously offered direct flights between the two capitals, London-Jakarta, three times a week. However the airline has opted to re-route their outbound leg from London and go direct to Indonesia’s tourism capital of Bali.  Direct flights […]

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NOW! Bali’s Guidelines for Better Living

NOW! Bali Blog | Jan 24, 2019

one: waste management 1. How Much Waste Do You Produce In A Year? FACT: Each person can produce waste up to 0.7 kg per day Bali produces over 500 tons of waste every day A person can use up to 700 plastic bags per year We assume that the waste problem is over when we […]

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This Bali Resort Was Awarded the World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2018

NOW! Bali Blog | Nov 29, 2018

The Boutique Hotel Awards is the first and only international awards organisation dedicated to recognising excellence among boutique hotels around the world. This year marks their 8th year and one Bali property took home several awards including the World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2018, coming ahead of over 300 nominees from around the world. Why are boutique hotels important? […]

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Bali’s Cultural Book Series : NOW! Bali Publications

NOW! Bali Blog | Oct 23, 2018

NOW! Bali, a Bali-based magazine under the Phoenix Communications company, has published 4 books about Bali , called the Cultural Book Series. Each book captures a different aspect of the island’s complex and beautiful culture and the people’s way of life: Over NOW! Bali’s 10 years in printed publications, with now 120 editions of the […]

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