Songs to Send to Distant Lovers

Home Life | Jun 01, 2020

The best written love songs don’t always carol the joy of romance. Great songwriters since the start of time have penned the ups and downs of being in love that are still revered and echoed today. There are the sunshines and rainbows type, or the gut-wrenching, heartstring-pulling kind; all delicate and gripping to the heart. […]

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‘Plastic For Rice’ : Providing Sustenance by Keeping Bali Clean

Our Bali Heroes | May 14, 2020

A new barter scheme conceived by an Ubud restaurateur is helping a village in Tabanan stay afloat amidst the pandemic. Trading trash for food, or ‘Plastic for Rice’, is an effort to reduce waste problems in villages, whilst keeping families in need nourished and healthy. In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. When […]

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Early ‘00s Throwback Playlist

Music to the Ears | Apr 27, 2020

From modern R&B, garage rock, to power pop hybrids of past eras, music of the early ‘noughties’ is excitingly diverse yet eclectically cohesive. It saw rockers jamming out to Bon Jovi, starlets moving their hips like Shakira, slick dudes busting rhymes to OutKast; but despite the different ranges of sounds and styles, it all just sounded right […]

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Batuan Artists: Inspired by Diversions

Culture | Mar 18, 2020

With the Batuan painting style, daily life has long been an inspiration for the artists. Here, Bruce Granquist shares how the everyday diversions of the Balinese inspired certain painters. These pages show three paintings by artists in some way connected to the painting studio of I Made Jata, the most active art teacher in Batuan.  […]

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Decadent Dining on the Island

Dining | Mar 16, 2020

Finesse and mastery in the kitchen, a wine cellar like a treasure chest, hawk-like service and an exquisite dining room atmosphere to bring it all together. It takes a lot to impress the discerning diners who come to Bali, but these fine dining destinations hit the mark. Kayuputi Inside the captivating The St.Regis Bali Resort, […]

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A Beach Day with Little Ones

Indulge | Mar 14, 2019

As a parent, coming to Bali is actually quite comforting as the island offers various activities for kids and the whole family. While some activities require a budget, a day on the beach is fun and free! Although, not every beach in Bali is child-friendly. Parents need to take many things into consideration: if the […]

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Hold Your Next Event at The Stones Legian : Rewards, Themes and More

Uncategorized | Oct 11, 2018

Bali is no longer just a destination for tourists, the island has grown in popularity amongst companies as well as a destination for events, gatherings and outings.   Image From ballrooms and meeting rooms, The Stones – Legian, Bali serves the needs of many looking to hold an event in Bali. Here’s why: Location: The […]

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Seres Hotels & Resorts to open in Ubud

Uncategorized | Aug 27, 2017

Blissfully nestled amidst luxuriant valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and ensconced by Bali’s iconic rice paddy fields in Singakerta, Ubud, SereS Springs Resort & Spa is a sumptuous and sedate five-star getaway that is culturally-inspired by Bali’s ritual-rich traditions and practices to deliver an authentic and unique experience beyond compare. Set to open this year in October, […]

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The Women of Bali Safari

Uncategorized | Apr 15, 2017

Every April 21st the Republic of Indonesia celebrates the birthday of Raden Ajeng Kartini. Born in Jepara, Central Java in 1879, Kartini is recognized for her selfless dedication in the battle for female emancipation during the Country’s colonial era. As an acknowledgement of what has been achieved by the contemporary successors of R.A. Kartini and […]

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Delectable Indonesian Flavours with Mandif Warokka at VIN+

Dining News | Sep 28, 2016

If you’re a lover of local, archipelagic flavours, as well as a lover of a wine-paired meal, save the date for the event Delectable Indonesian Flavours featuring the creations of the local celebrity Chef Mandif Warokka at VIN+ Seminyak Bali, held on Friday 30th September 2016. Indonesian food has certainly gone through a huge makeover in […]

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