Typical Bali

Tedung : Bali’s Ceremonial Umbrella

Typical Bali | Jul 03, 2020

Shining in white, yellow, or even at times embellished with the golden prada print, the Balinese umbrella, known as a tedung, is an essential feature in Balinese Hindu worship. As decorative as they are – often used to culturally adorn entrance ways of restaurants and hotels – tedung are most at home when standing tall […]

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Kain Poleng : Bali’s Chequered Cloth of Balance

Typical Bali | Jun 07, 2020

Wrapped around trees, skirting shrines and bedecking temples, or worn by the Balinese themselves as a sarong (or saput), the kain poleng, or poleng cloth, is symbolic of one of Bali’s most important philosophies.  In its most common form, the kain poleng is a black and white chequered cloth, but other versions exist which incorporate […]

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Tridatu: The Colours of Bali’s Holy Trinity

Typical Bali | May 08, 2020

Engraved onto pillars of houses and temples, donned by stone sculptures, and worn around people’s right wrists; the colours white, red, and black are omnipresent in Bali. It’s evident in many different forms, with the tri-coloured bracelets attached to the arm being the most common we see today. The simple yet significant philosophy behind this […]

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Canang Sari : Bali’s Daily Offering

Typical Bali | Feb 16, 2020

Found on almost every street corner, temple, beachfront, office space, local market and even Bali’s most modern lifestyle establishments, the canang sari is the most pervasive form of offering on the island. Visitors will often watch in awe as the Balinese Hindu gracefully present the beautifully prepared canang sari, wafting burning incense soon after, but […]

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Penjor: The Meaning Behind Bali’s Decorative Bamboo Poles

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Jul 08, 2019

The bamboo poles that line the street during times of ceremony are called penjor , they are more than just simple decoration, as Jean Couteau explains: The Balinese have a knack for displaying their religious spirit in various visual ways. Their rituals are so beautiful, indeed, that one sometimes wonders whether they are not almost […]

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